The Blue Chip Challenge

This is a post from May of 2018. But it has been on my mind for days now.

I do not know who needs this right now. But whoever you are…may God give you the courage to surrender!!

I had another post I wanted to share with you today, but I changed my mind last night after going to Celebrate Recovery. For those who do not know about Celebrate Recovery you can read about it here.

So, this post will be a challenge of sorts, but not one where I will nominate anyone. God will challenge you.

You see, we have these cool blue chips that you can come down front and get anytime during our service at Richland Celebrate Recovery. To some people they are simply called a blue chip, to others it is a desire chip and then for others it is called a surrender chip. Me personally, I like the latter and here’s why…

Those chips, in and of themselves, can do nothing for you. They will not save you. They will not help you recover from whatever it is you are dealing with at the moment. They will not keep you sane, safe or secure. To me it is what they represent…action..surrender

You know how you sometimes will get that warm fuzzy feeling inside when someone is telling you of what God has done in their life or maybe when a pastor is speaking on a certain sin? Well that’s the Holy Spirit. And He is prompting you to action.

And that action for you today may simply be saying…
You know what God? I’ve tried it my way all these years and it’s just not working. I can’t do this on my own anymore. Will you please help me?

That’s what the blue chip is. It’s a symbol of you surrendering a struggle to the God who created you every so wonderfully.

It’s a starting point to the next chapter in your life. A chapter that begins with surrendering and continues being written moment by moment, word by word, action by action, until one day you realize that the burden of that struggle is lighter than it used to be. Your not carrying it by yourself anymore.

And one day you will look back at that surrender date and realize that it has been days, weeks, months or even years since you laid that struggle down at the feet of Jesus.

So, my dear friends, is there anything that you would like to surrender to God? We all have hurts, habit, and hang-ups!

Is God challenging you today to pick up the blue chip? If so share the story in the comments. If you are one of my blogging friends write about it. Heck, link back to this post so we can all read it. Give your readers a challenge…a hope.

Surrendering to the Lord is the only way I have not gotten drunk in over 12 years and walking in freedom from an addiction to pornography. If God was willing to help me, the worst of sinners…trust me He WILL help you. Just take that first step.

God Bless,


12 thoughts on “The Blue Chip Challenge”

  1. Stuart, this is uplifting. The call to surrender is the deepest call to the human heart, and the hardest too. But when we ‘let go’ we realise that He’s been holding us all along. Thanks for sharing this. I’ll take you up on this challenge. Bless you.

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    1. I’m glad you were uplifted by this. You just made my day 🙂

      Surrending is hard. You have to let go of pride and that’s a tough one sometimes. But oh my gosh…the rewards are awesome.


  2. Ah. Ouch. You know how God sometimes uses something to bonk you over the head to get your attention? Well, if you are me, He does that, and He just did. And this is it. I left a comment on a blog last night pertaining to, and partially confessing, my own sinful behaviour from 30 years ago that I have not been able to completely forgive myself for and still covers me in shame. I don’t share that part of my story, and particularly not on my blog, since my kids and husband read it. But I had nightmares last night. And this morning I felt sick to my stomach about it. It kind of feels like God is poking me to fully release my sin and shame once and for all. So, am I up for the challenge? I don’t know. But I do know that I am holding back tears and there is a lump in my throat right now. So, yeah, I guess I am about to jump in.

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    1. Cynthia, I am praying for you. Whatever the sin is, God will reveal the right time to confess and the right words to use. I know your heart is in the right place.

      Yeah, God has hit me over the head with a 2×4 on several occasions. And once not too long ago about one of my own past sins. One that I had no shame about because it was one I didn’t remember doing until that night when He used a friend, in casual conversation, to spark the memory. I immediately asked for forgiveness. Next step will be making amends…if possible.


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