What If I Said…..I Love You

What if I told you that I love you? Would you take those words to heart or possibly crush mine?

I have to wonder how long would it take before you were to realize that my words were sincere and heart felt. Is it possible that you are afraid of the change in your life that could take place upon accepting my love? Maybe that is really the reason that first initial I Love You is so hard.

Maybe, just maybe, there has been so much going on in your life that the thought of someone actually loving you is absurd. So you stifle your own feelings behind your wall…and on accident do the one thing to someone else that you do not want done to yourself.

Maybe it is the I have been hurt too many times to allow myself to love again. I can’t allow myself to feel this way again so I am just going to shut this person out so I don’t get hurt. I get that one. I have been there. Still am to be honest with you.

I am afraid to say those words myself. I have been hurt many times in my life from people I loved or cared about. So I am very cautious when I say those words to someone. When I say them now I mean it. I know that it could open more wounds than I have to strength to deal with. I know I have the potential of being hurt worse than ever before. I know that I may not be loved in return as well.

Yet, I also know that it could possibly be myself opening up to a person who will truly love as God designed it to be and not what the world calls love.
A love that will walk with me through the ups and downs…not just the ups and leave when the downs come. For true love is patient.

A love that will not intentionally seek out to hurt me. For true love is kind.

A love that will stand with me as I stand for integrity. For true love does not rejoice in iniquity but rejoices in the truth.

And I realize that in order to have that type of love from someone I must first exhibit that type of love to them as well. For true love does not seek its own.


*Originally posted May 1st 2019*

48 thoughts on “What If I Said…..I Love You”

  1. Beautiful ending: “And I realize that in order to have that type of love from someone I must first exhibit that type of love to them as well. For true love does not seek its own.”

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  2. Um brother… That was BEAUTIFUL! You know I have been through everything you said. When my husband told me he loved me when we were courting I told him I didn’t believe him. He said to me “Is it because you believe your unlovable?” And I said “Yes” It was a heartbreaking revelation. I have learned it is okay to want to be loved the way we should be loved but if we are not loved that way in return to keep loving and stay in God’s love no matter what. God is love and if He is within us that type of love is in us as well. We just may not always show it the way we should sometimes because we are human. I love YOU brother!

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    1. Hey J! I love you too! How have you been?
      Thanks for sharing this with us. I am honored that you thought it was beautiful!
      The love of my life never believed me when I told her and I told her everyday! And it was because of past issues with others 😦

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      1. I’m doing good! Been really busy since its gotten warm. How are those kids? That is heartbreaking! I pray one day she would one day know God’s love so she can heal and be set free.

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          1. Aww that’s great! And I know! My eldest is 8 she will be 9 this year before I know it she will be 13 😦 Yes we have been in the yard all month preparing to sow and my husband just went to get the last of the seeds.

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              1. I LOVE okra! We do squash too 🙂 Well maybe next year! We didn’t do one last year because of having little Adaline. I would love to see your garden if you do one next year. Think you would share that here on the blog?

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  3. A beautiful, true and honest post. Many of us have been in that place of hurt. But true love is there to be found. Thankyou for making this post and for your honesty and insight

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