Reblog: Don’t Allow The C Word To Keep You From Your Potential

Let me just go ahead and get this out in the open…..I LOVE my son!

Brandon has been going to Celebrate Recovery with me a little here lately and the impact he has inadvertently made on some of the adults has made me so proud. His first night with me had me in tears. You can read about that experience HERE.

One of the other nights he came was just…another wow moment.

I knew he was playing basketball with the other kids because I saw him. What I didn’t know, until a little later, was that he had asked a young lady to come shoot the ball with him.

Well after shooting the ball, the young lady comes up to me and tells me that Brandon had asked her to come play and that she had said no because she can’t make the basket.


Well….Brandon had told her not to say the C word and come on. So she did shoot the basket and guess what? She made it.

She then shared with me that she took Brandon back to the worship area with her and got a blue chip with the promise of not saying the C word anymore.

Brandon was so excited for her! He was like see I told you.

I don’t know how it has been for you in the past or even today but for me I used the phrase I can’t a lot. There’s a line in the movie Home Run where the main character cries out saying “I can’t stop.”

There was a time in my life if you had told me I needed to quit watching porn, my answer would have no I can’t. I’ve tried and I just can’t stop. But you know what? I can and I did!

There have been so many I can’t moments in my life. It would take years to tell

One of them was being a dad. I was never truly shown how. But again I can and I have, despite what I would call failures on my part. And I will continue in this journey of dadhood because it is my calling.

But enough of me…

What about you? How many times do you use the C word in your life? Ponder on that for a moment or two.

Have you thought of writing them down? May be a good idea and then on the next page, opposite the I can’t statement page, write this verse down. Make it big. Highlight it! Color it with crayons if you want to.

Are you ready for the verse? Good.

Here ya go:


Such a powerful verse! One that lets you say Yes, I can!

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