Wednesday’s Life Song: Tempest | Goodbye

Warning! This could be a trigger for those who have lost a loved one due to suicide.

Jamie Rowe and his brother Michael formed Tempest prior to Jamie’s run as lead vocalist for Guardian.

Yes, it’s raw and poorly produced but so was 90 percent of Christian Rock back in the eighties. But as always it was the lyrics that got me.

Goodbye is much like Petra’s song Annie. A hard song to listen to but one that is needed to be heard.

So many people both young and old can be surrounded by people and yet feel totally alone.

Loneliness kills😢

Loneliness screams loudly in it’s silence! Can you see the signs? Can you hear it?

It is sad to say that in a family setting where no one should ever feel alone is the one place it happens the most.

Parents don’t understand their kids because they don’t take the time to actually understand them.

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