Movie Night: Redeeming Love

Here I sit weeping.

I don’t even know where to start.

Let me first say I was warned about this movie. Many have said it is a Christian porn movie. That is so far from the truth!

Yes, there is nudity within the film and yet they gracefully hide all body parts so all you see is Micheal’s bare chest and Angel’s back or stomach. It is done with taste and honestly a necessary piece of the film.

I knew I had to watch this one since I have already seen Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea. But Redeeming Love is so different and in so many ways.

Redeeming Love starts off in a brothel where we meet Angel, who is a prostitute not by choice as she was sold into into it at a very early age.

Michael asks God to give him a wife to share his life with. He sees Angel walking in the streets one day and says that’s the one under his breathe. Finding out she works at the brothel he laughs and says God you really have a sense of humor. But he set his eyes and his heart on Angel.

He pays to visit her but only talks, And he continues to visit and just talk eventually asking her to marry him.

She gets beaten pretty bad one night so Michael busts in and pays off Angel’s debt and carries her out.

She tries to return to what she knows as she feels unworthy of Michael’s love. He catches up with her and hands her his jacket saying it gets cold at night. He then gets back on his horse and says the brothel is nineteen miles straight ahead and the duchess is waiting. Home is one mile in the opposite direction where your husband will be waiting. Your choice.

We see her open the door. Michael feeds her and then makes a bowl of warm water, walks in front of her and bends down and takes her boots off. He washes her feet😭

She continues going back to her past life on numerous occasions and Michael faithfully waits.

The ending scene is what tore me up.

She made her choice. She came back to Michael and said I am sorry for all the pain I have caused you. But I came back to tell you that I love you.

Michael walks to her, grabs her face and says pain is what brought us to this point. Welcome home I have always loved you.

Let me say that this movie hit me hard. It shows, through a love story, how we can feel unworthy of love due to our past. We go back to familiar due to the unworthiness we feel only to realize later the truth of that redeeming love.

Once the movie ended I was crying. I stood up only to hit my knees with more tears, snot running from my nose and slobbering from my mouth in prayer thanking God for his love and asking for forgiveness for all the pain I have caused him.

Now, for those who want to come at me for watching a movie with nudity in it well sorry. I’ve seen worse on syndicated television without knowing that scene would be there. I went into this one knowing that it would be there and I applaud Francine for handling it with such love and grace.

And the movie does give you insight into how women were treated back in  the mid 1800’s.

I for one loved this movie. It will not be for everyone.

9 thoughts on “Movie Night: Redeeming Love”

  1. I just finished the movie tonight. So many parallels with in the story. My favorite was when he told her sometimes it’s harder to walk mile than it is to walk twenty. So absolutely true.

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    1. I’m glad you were able to watch it. I agree with the parallels.

      Yep, that first mile is like walking down a hallway in a movie where the hallway stretches endlessly as you walk/run.


  2. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but the book has remained one of the best portraits of redemption I’ve ever read outside the Bible, and one of my all-time favorite books. Now I look forward to seeing the movie even more. Thanks for reviewing it for us!

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