Make Space For What Matters: A Word Of Caution

Here is the devotional:

Before starting His public ministry, Jesus willingly went into the wilderness for 40 days to be alone. This time prepared Him to resist the temptations the devil threw at Him and step into the calling God had for Him. Creating healthy spiritual habits can help us do the same. 

As you continue to draw near to God every day through Lent, what you practice during this time will start to become a natural part of your daily and weekly rhythms.

And as they become natural rhythms, you will start to find that your life looks different because you practice them. You are creating space for God to transform your heart so that His glory can be shown through you to a weary world in need of hope and a Savior.

But when you practice these things, keep in mind that the spiritual habits themselves are not the end goal. The goal is to have a deeper intimacy with God. God’s Word makes it clear that obedience is better than sacrifice. This means that when we sacrifice anything, it should be from a place of humble surrender—not from a sense of half-hearted obligation. In the same way, spiritual habits add value when they reflect obedience that is grounded in God’s love. 

So as you prepare for Resurrection Sunday, remind yourself that God doesn’t expect you to grow spiritually on your own. Give yourself permission to come imperfectly before Him, because it is God’s power that is made perfect in your weakness.

Here are the scriptures referenced:

And Samuel said, Hath the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the Lord? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.
1 Samuel 15:22 KJV

For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.
Hosea 6:6 KJV

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,

Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.
Ephesians 3:20‭-‬21 KJV

Here are Stu’s thoughts:

I guess I just flat out missed the word of caution. Did anyone see it in the authors notes above?

I’ll give a word of caution. When you start making space in your life for more of God the devil will harass you more. And he will throw everything at you like spouse, kids, to do list, the kitchen sink, etc. You name it he will try to use it to make you lose your focus on God.

Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords but the devil is the prince of this world. And he does not want attention going to Jesus, God or the Holy Spirit. The devil is selfish hence his falling from Heaven.

The devil left you alone until you became a follower of Jesus. He didn’t need to mess with you as you were already his. And now that you have accepted Christ and choose to follow him and seek more time with him the devil will come at you to draw your attention away from God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

How do we combat his attacks that try to derail us from drawing closer to God? We have to understand the one the devil is real. And two we have to understand that there are two planes in which we live in. There is the physical and spiritual.

And in that spiritual plane your guardian angel is literally fighting demons off left and right to keep you safe. They lose and they win.

The single most powerful weapons you have is prayer and the name of Jesus. Use them for crying out loud.

You want more time to pray. Pray about more time. That’s almost silly sounding but it’s true.

You want to be able to be still and hear from God. Pray, casting your cares upon him while rebuking all negative thoughts away in the name of Jesus.

You want more time available to read scripture, to learn and grow. Pray.

I’ll add this. The moment you leave work let the demons now that once you make it home that they are not welcome inside. That way when you open the door they can’t come in and cause mischief. Kick em out! 

I believe in the power of prayer! I have seen it in action! I have witnessed it move mountains. I have witnessed to change lives.

Therefore, I know, that through prayer you will draw closer to God, you will see more opportunities to pray and the love you have for the Lord will grow!


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