Stu’s World: Post Picks For March 2022

It is time to share some more of my favorite posts. I know the title says March but a few of these will be from February

Melissa tells us How God Defines Love in this thought provoking truth filled post. I shared it on my Twitter account and am now sharing it with you. If you are not following Melissa you should be. Her heart for God just shines in everything she writes.

My dear friend Renee reminds us all that nothing we do is mundane in her heart warming post There Is Always A Way. The smallest thing such as have a good day written on a banana could mean the world to someone.

Jordan has been focusing a lot with sharing on social media here of late so if you have Facebook check out her Grace Waves page. She wrote one recently entitled Putting On The Armor Of God where she goes into more details for each piece of the armor than most do. Pretty cool actually. The One He Loves is her testimony and I loved it. And there is the…of heck go spend the day with her. She has awesome stuff!!

Danielle has been writing about her recovery and how The Disease Talks to those addicted or in recovery, how the blogging community is Kind & Encouraging and how she is Carrying The Message of hope to others. I love it. Go follow now

My brother and friend Warren has written a loving post in  remembrance of his beautiful daughter in Holding On To Memories!

Brenda has many awesome posts but The Feelings Are Coming just sort of hit a chord with me as I have been dealing with some emotional things here of late and this came right on time. Thank you Brenda!

Barb’s post Feel The Music is not really about the song but it is about the song and GOD and his mercy and grace. Congratulations on 23 years of sobriety sis! It just brings joy to my heart so I share😊

Betty reminds us that we can not fathom the love of God in her Ocean Of Love post where she also shares a little swimming story.

I hope you all enjoy these posts as much as I have. But more importantly I hope you gain something from them.

Til next time😊

16 thoughts on “Stu’s World: Post Picks For March 2022”

  1. My goodness—I forgot about these posts, but I am always SO blessed when you do these. I always read so many other inspiring stories and testimonies and find new people to follow. Iron sharpens iron, as they say 🙂

    So grateful for you and your heart to champion and celebrate other voices!


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