Thursday’s 80’s & 90’s Music: Barnabas | No Freedom

This gem was released in 1983 before I started listening to Christian Rock.

A friend of mine from high school introduced me to Barnabas shortly after I started listening to Stryper in 85. I was floored by the music but Nancy’s voice just struck a chord with me for some reason. She is the reason I love female fronted rock bands.

This was a road trip favorite for me and Joey when we would go to Dallas for concerts😊

No freedom in sin just more chains with guilt, shame and regret!

Dressed to kill, and drinking all alone
Waiting for some lizard to take you home
Another wham-bam rendezvous
The script is moldy but the lines are tried and true

But there’s no freedom
No real freedom
There is no freedom in sin

Conscience screaming, but its Saturday night
Dig deep for anything to make the wrong feel right
Morning comes, your head is split in two
I know your bleeding; I’ve crawled that same path too

The swords are rattling, and the end is in sight
Its now or never if you want to make things right
The future’s shaky, but the facts are quite clear
The King is coming, and He’s almost here

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