Thursday’s 80’s & 90’s Music: Applehead | Monkey On My Back

My friend Joey was a huge Crucified fan.

Greg Minier was the guitarist for Crucified. And when the band disbanded due to personal differences Joey was a little down.

There were not many hardcore Christian Metal bands at the time. I mean Crucified was good. They even opened for PanterašŸ˜®

But Greg wasn’t done making music. Thank goodness.

Greg had been experimenting and Applehead was born šŸ˜Š

He did everything on this album, drums, bass, guitar and vocals. And Joey and I both loved this album! The songs had meaning and they all pointed to God.

Monkey on your back was by far my favorite song as I had my own monkey I was dealing with…porn and masturbation. Joey had his monkey is the form of marijuana.

Thankfully we both were able to shed our monkeys later in life.

Monkey on my back
I can’t kick the habit
I’m addicted to it
and I’m stuck on you
so intrigued with my pleasure
can’t see what it’s worth
is it good for me?
Who really knows

There’s a monkey on my back

Soon it starts to chisel
away at my pain
cutting to the bone
and it’s leaving its scars

I must have an answer
so I look to myself
but nothing is there
to heal these wounds

I look to the heavens
and realize what I’ve missed
a God that is real
a love that is real
it’s been there for me
and it will always be
so I accept the only cure
that can heal my wounds

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