Saturday’s Random Music: Brantley Gilbert | One Hell Of An Amen

I had another song scheduled for today but then I ran across this and I teared up a little. So I am moving the other song to next week and sharing this one.

First let me say that I love the scene where the guitarist props himself on the pew and does his solo like he is on stage using a speaker in the same manner. Totally cool. And I love the fact this is a complete mixture of what would appear to be a punk rock drummer, a metal guitarist, a grunge bassist and then there is Brantley who could fit in with any genre. Love it.

They also have a new song called Hard Days which is slow and really good.

But let me get to the reason I really feel the need to share this song.

When the second phase of the song kicks in and he starts singing about friends with cancer is what moved.

It brought back floods of memories of my friend Randy who last year passed away from cancer.

It was Randy’s attitude about the whole thing. He kept fighting the good fight no matter what.

He did an interview once where he told the interviewer that he is fine no matter what happens because he felt he would win either way.

If God healed him he wins because he could continue being with friends, playing the blues and sharing Jesus.

If God didn’t heal him then he wins because he gets to go home and see his Savior!

That my friends is One hell of an amen!

If we could all have Randy’s mentality when facing hardships…wow

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