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Yesterday marked the 12 year anniversary of Carey Paul Smith taking his own life.

I met Carey the day I moved from Baton Rouge to Bastrop to become the store manager of Video Giant in 1997 I believe.

Carey was one of the employees I kept when I took over. He had a love for B horror movies. Which came in rather handy as we created our horror section for the store. At the time horror was my favorite genre as well. so we bonded quickly. When I moved onto Movie Gallery a few years later Carey went off to college. Reaching out to me for a job I immediately told my District Manager to hire him.

Carey would find the love of his life in Kelly…

That smile was always there.

You talk about a perfect match! I envied their love for one another! It was so deep and pure.

But there was something hiding underneath that loving smile Carey always had…a depression he kept hidden from everyone…even from his love.

Five months is all they had of their happily ever after as Carey took his own life. And even today twelve years later it baffles my mind that such a loving and caring person would feel he had no other option when his future looked so bright.

Carey, I love ya bro and miss you!

As you can tell by my question post yesterday that work has been rather interesting here of late. A lot of questions and then more as we discuss the first one. It’s been great.

The one about the belly buttons cracked me up though!

We are still extremely short handed and it is getting the best of me and D.

After this weeks Bible Study I will deviate from the Uncommen studies for a few week and concentrate on something different. Still will be doing weekly Bible Studies just taking a break from Uncommen. I have like seven posts I am working on at moment. This keyboard has freed me😂

I truly am enjoying it!

Angie and Ryan both are doing better. Ryan is back at work. Thank you all for the continued prayer support for them.

Charity’s dad seems to be doing better after being moved to a new facility. He went from pneumonia back to covid or maybe its been covid the whole time and they they mistakenly diagnosed it wrong…which does happen. Continued prayers there please.

If you have a prayer request please feel free to email me a If you want I will send it the prayer group or I will pray for you myself…your choice. For me the more voices reaching the throne the better!

If you would like to be added to the prayer group let me know at the same email address and I will add you!

It is important that we pray for one another. There is so much power in prayer and even I don’t utilize it enough…just being honest.

Here’s another picture of Carey and Kelly…

If you or someone you know is dealing with any form of mental illness please reach out to someone. Anyone! Heck email me, call me, text me even. I am here if you ever need and ear. You, my friend, are irreplaceable!

6 thoughts on “Stu’s World CII”

  1. Those are great pictures Stuart. 💕 We never know what someone is going through and oftentimes, we find out too late. 😭

    Wow! You are typing away over there. 7 posts?!!! 😁

    Thank you for remembering my dad in prayer. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aren’t they lovely. Kelly gave me permission to use them♥️

      Yep…7 Tomorrow’s bible study is already schedule and most of this week’s music is set. Tuesday’s Acapella may surprise a few folks 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Glad to hear Angie, Ryan, and Charity’s Dad are doing better. Continued prayers for his healing. Our daughter is feeling better too, but she is still fighting it. Hopefully she can go back to school tomorrow. Unfortunately, I caught what she had and I’ve been sick since Saturday. Our son had a fever and was nauseous last night, so he stayed home today too. This crazy virus has been rough. Glad it’s not covid, but it’s awful whatever it is. I appreciate the prayer request you sent out. That’s so sad about your friend Carey. I know what it’s like to suffer depression and have thoughts of giving up. It’s horrible and painful. Praying for his wife and family. Thanks for always being real and caring, Stu. Blessings, brother.

    Liked by 1 person

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