Sunday Music: Petra | Stand Up

I was given this cassette tape on Christmas in 1983 along with my first Bible, which I still use to this day, from my grandmother.

What grandmother back in the 80’s gives their grandchildren rock music? Mine did😊

What a journey she put me on.

Opening that cassette up and putting in the player was done with care. But once the music hit I was floored.

Stand up…take a stand for Jesus😮

My first experience with Christian Rock was on Christmas at my grandparents house.

Now I stayed with my grandparents almost every weekend since me and PawPaw would either go hunting or fishing so that cassette was played a lot at their house. I took it everywhere!

Second Wind & Rose-Colored Stained Glass Windows will always hold a special place in my heart. Those are the two songs I will would sing at the top of my lungs.

In 1984 I would see Petra live. Unbeknownst to either me or my friend and brother Joey was the fact that we were rocking almost side by side at that concert. We didn’t know each other at the time. We meet a few weeks later when he came to my church and became an integral part of my life.

We became best friends fast. We have been constant in each other’s life ever since. We have been to way too many concerts and hunting and fishing excursions to even begin to count. We counseled at the same church camp every summer for over a decade. Of course we were at each other’s wedding.

God has such a unique way of bringing people together!

Joey, if you happen to read this I love you bro! God truly blessed me with the best friend ever!

Oh the stories that could be told😮

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