Stu’s World: Post Picks

I have not done one of these in a while now so I figured it was past time to share some of my favorite posts. Many of these have been in my reader saved for future Post Picks but I just never did them. I will try to be better y’all.

I just don’t know if I can do one every month like I did a few years back.

Tortured Butterfly has just penned one of the most sincere poems/posts on how some women feel when they realize that, sadly, their marriage was not one of candle lit diners and roses but rather thorns and where is he now thoughts in I Want To Be Free.

Also make sure you read her transformation from Dollfaced Writer to Tortured Butterfly . 🦋

Matt at Jesusluvsall points us to God and prayer through a precious story of a student in A Little Girl Had Anxiety

Life With Jesus’ post My Inner Child is a great reminder that we are all a work in progress.

Warren has such a way with words. His love for God and bride is something else. And his post Stand, With You! captured my feelings for Angie so well.

One of my overall favs from 2021 was Renee’s post This Is War. It amazing me at times how God uses the Christian blogging community to help one another while sharing our own struggles.

Sarah’s post Out Of My Hands  is just pure honesty. It’s tough to share our bad childhood memories or family issues. But we pretty much all have them. No one is ever alone in their struggles. And I agree with that last sentence…I would rather live a short life, fully free, and experience all God has for me, all His joy and love. Then a long life in fear and scared, hiding, waiting to die. I will choose Him and His Will every single time.

Deb’s Winds Of Fall reminds us of the importance of allowing the Spirit to whisper to us. Also she reminds us that we are to tied up in our phones to even notice the world around us is suffering.

Did you miss that girl/boy being loaded into a van headed to God knows where for God knows what foul purpose? You may have if you weren’t paying attention.

Did you miss out on helping the lady having a tough with her groceries because you were too engrossed in your phone?

Deb gives us a sort of wake up call here! Do Not let it slip you by!

That’s all for now. I hope you all enjoy these posts as much as I have. Some are deep, some are soft but they all with touch you!

8 thoughts on “Stu’s World: Post Picks”

  1. Stu…. 😭😭. Thank you so much for the shout out. This really touched me! I had no idea my post helped you that much. And this gave me tears and encouraged me. Thanks, my friend.
    Isn’t it totally amazing how when God wants to encourage or help one of His, it’s like a domino effect. It starts with one person encouraging another, then that one encourages the next one. And then it keeps going.
    That’s how this post started, with my friend, Stacey, sharing something that really helped me that day. God Bless ya, Stu. And thanks so much for the encouragement. 🤗

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