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It’s weird how so much can be going on and yet at times you can feel like nothing is really happening. Have you ever felt that way?

The big thing this week was that Brandon turned 14😮 Where has the time gone? There are days where I feel that there is no way I have a daughter that is 16 and a son at 14. Then there are those days where my body really feels old enough to have have grands.

Brandon called me Saturday morning around 11:30 just to tell me that I’m old. I was groggy as his call woke me up from a very deep sleep but I did hear that, laughed and wished him a happy birthday

This weeks weather has been bonkers. Nice and warm then raining and freaking freezing. Thursday was like 28° with the high of like 34 and raining. Guess what D and I were doing? Unloading trucks.

Now we get get concrete mix in about every week and it never freaking fails they show up on the day it rains. Concrete mix can not get wet until ready for usage by the customer! Not while it is the bag! You would think their dispatch would say hey, it’s going to be raining let’s postpone a day. But no!

But because of the cold and us having to stay warm D and I have had some good biblical conversations. I always enjoy those.

For those praying for Ryan and Angie. thank you so much. Your prayers did infact shrink his heart back but we are still waiting to understand why it happened in the first place. But with doctors being overbooked and this stupid Covid protocol malarkey we just have to wait.

Hopefully Angie will be over her bought with Covid soon. I have not talked to her as often as I normally do as I want her to get rest. To be honest I miss hearing her smiling voice. But Covid can leave one pretty gruff sounding from all the coughing.

Please continue praying for them

Charity and I just posted a new post in our Understanding Men series. A new Bible Study entitled Code Purple begins Monday.

I am also working on another series entitled Naked and Unafraid which will deal with several important aspects of relationships. I will be starting to write single posts of different topics again soon.

Now that I have a bluetooth keyboard for my phone blogging is a lot easier. I just have to get use to typing with all fingers instead of just my thumbs.

I apologize if I am bombarding you with music here lately but music is such a big part of my life I just want to share it. But if you are tired of the music posts tell me and I will cut back.

Say a prayer for me that my taxes come in quickly. Heating this house is costing a small fortune and the light bill is due and I am short after paying child support and rent. Tomorrow I will have to ask my boss for an advance and I hate doing that. But enough of that depressing stuff!

This popped up in my memories on Facebook the other day….

This is so true. You are needed! There is someone that needs you everyday and it could be a complete stranger that god has ordained for you to meet.

For those in the email prayer group and praying for Charity’s dad. Charity thanks you but he is not doing very well as per her last text to me. His Covid lead to pneumonia and he is almost non coherent😢

Here a quick something I wrote not to long ago…

It’s not a matter of hiding you secret sin. It’s a matter of I have to share this before I drown! Change starts with a new mindset.

Abortion to Choice. Adultery to Affair. Doesn’t matter the names we called them to make us feel better. SIN IS SIN!

Have a great week everyone! Chose a blogger that follows you and pray for them this week!

Oh yeah…there are a few books I want to mention before I end this.

Point Man: How A Man Can Lead His Family

Anchor Man: How a Father Can Anchor His Family in Christ for the Next 100 Years

This Present Darkness

All of these have had a huge impact in my walk! No, these are NOT affiliate links. I just love these books and want others to gain from them as well.

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  1. “But because of the cold and us having to stay warm D and I have had some good biblical conversations. I always enjoy those.”
    That reminds me of Corrie Ten boom and her sister, Betsie. They were infested with lice, and Corrie was complaining. Betsie said, yeah, but look: this is God’s opportunity for us to have a Bible study and prayer time. The guards will never come in here because of the lice!

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