Urgent Prayer Request.

Angie just called to inform me that her son Ryan has just been admitted to the hospital with an enlarged heart.

Angie has tested positive for Covid as of this morning and can not be with Ryan at the hospital. She’s freaking out so naturally so am I.

With Angie’s auto immune system already out of whack due to her kidney issues for the first time since Covid hit I’m concerned. I really didn’t think she would get it.

Ryan got it from the jail he is now working at so Angie got it while caring for Ryan. 😭😭

Prayers would be greatly appreciated!

14 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Request.”

  1. Thank you Daddy God for your son, Jesus took the stripes so Ryan and Angie are healed. We cast all anxiety and fear on Jesus who cares for them and Stu. Thank you for the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. May they all see Ryan healed by the finished work of Jesus. In the name of Jesus, I speak Shalom (peace) to the demonic storm, be still. The light and love of God casts out all the darkness and brings peace–whole and complete nothing missing! Thank you Daddy God, that it is already done. Amen

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