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Holy cow! I have hit the 100 Stu World mark😮 Well actually a few more than that with a few posts being subtitled with words instead of roman numerals.

But this is crazy. When I started Stu’s World I figured y’all would get bored with the “weekly” updates on my small little world. But NO!

Some of y’all actually text me asking where it’s at if I miss a week😮

Work has not slowed down dispute the freezing weather. The workers have slowed down by constantly having to stop to go behind the forklift to warm out hands up. Steel toe boots and 20° weather do not go well together so my toes are always cold until I get home.

We have 2 guys out with Covid..Omnicron or whatever they are calling it now.

Speaking of COVID…

Brandon may have it. We will know tomorrow. His grandfather has it.

Charity’s dad has it.

Angie’s son Ryan has it  and I believe Angie does from what she described over the phone a little while ago.

I wonder how much government funding goes to doctors/hospitals for saying they have patients with Covid🤔

And what about the vaccine that really isn’t a vaccine?

A vaccine is a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease.

I don’t think this one is giving much of an immunity.

Charity’s dad is vaccinated. Both of the guys at work have been shot up as well.

So what’s up really?🤔

It seems last week’s Bible Study did not go over all that well. Maybe I need to take 2 days for each day and spread them out. I know of two from last week I felt needed more once it hit the publish button😢

This week’s Bible study will be on spiritual warfare. I’ll take this one one day at a time. Just because it’s a 5 day plan does not mean I have to have it done in 5 days

Man Meat Loaf passing hit me a lot harder than I thought😭 I’ve done nothing all weekend but listen to his music, cry a few tears and go to the next song. Watch an interview cry a little more. And just when I think I’m ok and can move on a friend sends me a link where Alice Cooper pays his respects😢

When you grow up on the Rocky Horror Picture Show most of your life Meat Loaf can not help but be a huge influence.

I’m going on week 5 of this pain in my right shoulder. Muscles stay kinked up. I’ve tried the hot cold method. I’ve tried a massager. Nothing works and it has me waking up in the middle of the night. It’s driving me batty.

Did you know the latest debate on social media is about the orgasm gap between men and women? And Christian marriage bloggers are just going at each other. It’s so sad. Do they not realize that yes there is an orgasm gap and it is huge and that yes, there is a major false narrative being taught in the church about sex in marriage but why destroy one another. Why not try to come together and teach the right narrative so we can get away from the century old bad teachings on sex?

I know some of you all can’t stand it when I talk about sex. I also know many of you love it when I talk about sex. It’s a private matter for many and yet that is part of the problem. Because if the old ways on sex in marriage is killing marriages then we need to speak up and change the narrative.

So with that said I will be writing about the situation from my perspective in the not too distant future.

Pray for one another this week y’all!


5 thoughts on “Stu’s World C”

  1. So sorry about the cold! Brrr. Maybe that contributes to your shoulder issue. When it’s muscles, my go-to is magnesium. Supplements are available everywhere. I take magnesium oxide. You can’t overdose, but you know you’re taking too much if you get diarrhea.
    Sooner or later, everyone’s getting covid. I’m just amazed, though, at how differently it affects everyone. Ya never know. I’m hearing more and more, though, about who dies from it: obesity, heart disease / high blood pressure, diabetes, and pre-existing lung issues are the four co-morbidity factors.
    Stay healthy, people. Keep up a healthy lifestyle: exercise, stay away from sugar and processed “foods” and eat good old-fashioned healthy stuff, get your sleep, and drink plenty of water. Your God-given immune system loves all this, and will protect you best.
    ~ stepping down from soap box ~


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