Are You Willing To Dig The Ditches?

Many times in my life I have heard the ole saying….

” Give it to God…he’ll take care of it for you.”

Well the first few times I heard it I actually did just that. I gave the situation to God and to be quite honest…nothing happened, though I prayed about it and everything in Jesus name. But there is a reason nothing happened…

There is this cool story in 2 Kings chapter 3 that tells of four kings from various regions. It seems the king of Moab decided to rebel once one king died and his successor took the throne. So this new king gets upset over the rebellion and goes to recruit two friends (kings) to help in a battle.

Seven days into their journey to Moab they come to realize that there is no water hole to be found. They start fretting saying God has called us three kings together to die at the hand of one. One of the three kings, though, had enough faith to say hey, let’s check and see if there is a prophet of the Lord around here.

One of the servants present knew of one prophet named Elisha. So they head out to chat with the prophet. They get there and lament about their circumstances. So the prophet asks for a musician to be brought to him. As the musician is playing the hand of the Lord falls on Elisha, the prophet.

The Lord tells the prophet what needs to be done. The prophet then tells the kings what God said. 

“This saith the Lord, Make this valley full of ditches.

Ye shall not see wind,  neither shall ye see rain; yet the valley shall be filled with water, that he may drink, both ye, and your cattle and your beasts.”

Interesting. There was no water anywhere and it was not going to rain and there would be no wind yet God said to dig a bunch of ditches.

Can you imagine the look on their faces? Here they were thirsty as heck. No water anywhere to be found. They have an army in need of water to survive and God says to dig a bunch of ditches. Now digging ditches involves a lot of sweat, which expends energy that they are already lacking. So I am sure their facial features said you have got to be kidding, right. I am sure they thought this endeavor was totally crazy.

Yet, they trusted God. They dug ditches. And when morning came, they made their offerings and lo and behold water comes flowing down into the valley.

Now when king of Moab heard the other kings were coming to wage war against him he goes out to see what’s up. When they get to the valley, the sun is reflecting off the murky water making it look blood. He thinks the other kings have killed each other off. So he goes down to get the spoils only to find them alive, well and ready.

The three kings rise up with their armies and beat the Moabites.


The reason why I could not overcome certain things despite giving it to God was that I did not do my part.

There will be times in our battles when the Lord will ask us to do something that looks…well…real stupid to us and may seem futile. But it will be for our benefit. It also proves that if we want to win the battle we must do our part and trust that God will indeed do His!

I can tell you that one of the stupid things, or so I thought, God wanted me to do was to say I am walking in freedom from porn even before I was walking in said freedom. One of the other things he told me to do was to share my story with people.

You know what happened when I did those two things? People lives were affected in a positive way and I did become free from my struggle with porn. I rose up and won my battle because I did what God told me to do.

That formula has worked in so many areas of my life and I am very grateful. Many people in the past several years have called me crazy and even weird because they felt I should do something a certain way, including my parents. But I just tell them that I am doing it the way God told me to.

Are you willing to listen for God’s direction in your life? Are you willing to dig a ditch even though there is no water or rain seen in the forecast?

4 thoughts on “Are You Willing To Dig The Ditches?”

  1. This was amazing, my friend! We have to do our part. And He will use to to take care of the rest. I love how God used the water for two different purposes. For them to drink and to confound the enemy.(water looked like blood to them) God knows exactly HOW He should do it. I’m glad you listened to God’s way of doing things, instead of man. And you got the victory!🙌🏼

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes it is… Way cool! 😄
    I love how God speaks to us, directly into our personal lives, from His Word. He’s so amazing that way. And I love the interpretation He gave you. Thanks for sharing. It’s good.

    Liked by 1 person

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