Beetreegathering Bee-utiful Award

I was so not prepared for this. This just came so far out of left field.

Y’all 😮

Deb from Beetreegathering has bestowed upon me her Beetreegathering Bee-utiful Award.

This is unlike other awards as this one is truly heartfelt!

I was in tears. I had no idea😥

So now I must bestow this award to another!

They are just so many of you that write from the heart, share your stories and point the way to God that it is really tough for me to choose.

So many of you have touched my heart over the years😊 And sadly some that touched me the hardest have quit writing😥

But Amy over at A New Life is the one I am choosing.

Amy has a heart of gold. She keeps pushing me, gently mind you, to write even when I don’t feel like it. She helped me get the Bloggers Prayer group started.

Her poems have always touched me. And her testimony is powerful!

With every post Amy points to God! She shares openly and honestly about  everyday struggles, family and her faith in God.

She has been a huge impact in so many lives! I am blessed to call her friend and sis!

The goal of this award is to help give recognition and also to help encourage new bloggers. The Beetreegathering Bee-utiful Award recognizes bloggers who share their stories or thoughts in a Bee-utiful manner to connect with viewers and followers. In order to “accept” the award, the nominated blogger should nominate a fellow blogger, who has been a cornerstone in their journey: Amy, I congratulate you on a Bee-utiful Blog that has touched and transformed lives. Thank you for all the wonderful stories and posts that have led many to walking closer to God!

7 thoughts on “Beetreegathering Bee-utiful Award”

  1. Thank you so much Stu! Only problem with this is…that I cannot nominate you back, as you have already won this award!! But I do know where I’m going next, and who gets my nomination.
    I’ve always considered you a brother and friend. You have a heart for the addict like I do; we share that in common. Thank you for your kind words. And yeah, you made me cry!!

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