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Stu’s World XCVIII

Not much happening in Stu’s World at moment.

Just freezing to death at work. Even bundled up doesn’t help in 28° rainy weather.

But work has been good. We have not slowed down in the least. As a matter of fact we have picked up. Unfortunately we had 2 guys give up and just not come back after Christmas. It really takes a special person to work on a lumberyard.

I will say that these Bible studies have lead to some interesting conversations at work.

D lost his phone lost week at work. Don’t know where because we used my phone to call it all day and we never once heard it ring😥

He felt so bad. He told me the devil is attacking him because of his daily prayer. He’s trying to keep me from praying this prayer.

So the next morning I handed him my phone and told him I would not let him miss a day of praying…

So until he gets a new one I will let him use mine in the morning so he can do his daily prayer which is on his Facebook page and to call his wife throughout the day.

I hope you all are enjoying these Bible studies I’ve been doing! I know I am and I plan on continuing with them. I may skip a week to allow for other posts to be shared as I write them…or maybe I just let them overlap.

Last week I shared that my word for 2022 is FEARLESS so some of my songs on Sundays will reflect that message. I have a few picked out already.

I will also be rekindling a few stories that I shared but never finished.

The new Stu’s World photo represents that as well. I felt a change was needed.

I also jokingly said I might ask Charity to help me with a Understanding Women series🤪

Well I asked her a question and well…she answered it😮. It’s a huge question and I may reference her answer with one of my answers to understanding men as they sort of go hand in hand. No, we are not finished with our collaboration by any stretch.

If I do the Understanding Women series I may run a few of you off. I mean y’all know I’m not scared to approach any subject matter. But I would be real and honest with my questions as well as with any rebuttals I feel are needed.

So there is that possibility 🤷

There is a song that I heard today that brought water from my eyes today. I don’t know if it was from the lyrics, the music, or his voice but dang I felt this song

So instead of doing another Sunday Music post I figure I will just close out this post with Save Me by Jelly Roll…

Let me know your thoughts!!

13 thoughts on “Stu’s World XCVIII”

  1. Poor D. 😢

    I was happy to answer your question Stuart. 😊 I would love to do that series with you if you ever decide to. Ask away. 😉

    The new Stu’s World picture is so cool! Yasss!!!

    Omg, I love that song! I had never heard it before. 😭💕

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  2. That song is deep. I like his voice. Looking forward to the series about understanding women. My wife and I are really struggling, and we have been for awhile. Please pray for us. Please, all my brothers and sisters in Christ who see this comment, please pray for us. My heart is broken, and I have been crying out to God to heal our hearts and our marriage. Thank you for praying. Blessings, brother.

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    1. Ryan, it takes a mighty big and brave person to ask for help. I’m so glad you did. We are all family here. We help carry one another’s burdens. I will be pleading the Blood on your marriage, praying God gives you hope to hang in there. And helps you both remember God is able to repair anything. Marriage is a beautiful covenant we make before God and man. It’s worth fighting for, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, for good and in the bad. Be strong in the power of HIS 👆🏼might my brother. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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