Stu’s World XCVII

Mam what a crazy week. Last minute Christmas ordering. Work was slow yet crazy at the same time. All while trying to get out of this stupid funk I’ve been in…ughhh

Not only are Charity and I at work on our collaboration but we also got a chance to see Stryper perform their Soldiers Under Command album from start to finish together via Stryper’s Veep site. It was so freaking awesome. I wonder if Des watched the whole thing🤔.

So Charity goes shopping and gets me this for Christmas…

The No More Hell To Pay T-shirt

Then Brandon brings over his present to me..

He wrapped my present in duct tape😂🤣

It took me about 30 minutes to unwrap this little jewel…

Stryper’s latest…Even The Devil Believes

So I’ve had a Stryper Christmas😊👊🤘

While shopping for Brandon I ran across a lamp I knew I just had to get for Angie. It was perfect…A Penguin. Matthew’s favorite animal. And guess what colors the lamp can change to…yep…Yellow & Purple.

I didn’t tell Angie I was getting her anything because I know how she is🤪

So when I called her Christmas morning to wish her a Merry Christmas she mentions this lamp that someone sent her. I have no idea who sent this. There is no note…nothing.

Then I asked if she liked the lamp. She goes into full detail about the lamp and how it can change colors. She loves it.

I let her know that I’m glad she liked it and that I know where it came from.

She asked me if I sent it. I said yes. She calls me a butthead😂😂

But she loves it🥰 That’s what matters. I’ll be a butthead for a while.

It is pretty bright she said.

This was a good Christmas despite finding out on Christmas Eve morning that one of our dear friends lost his fight with cancer. He was such a fighter. Never once allowing his faith to falter with the negativity of dying. He told us that he wins either way. And win he did. Getting to spend Christmas in the presence of the one we celebrate on Christmas.

The next piece in Understanding Men will be coming your way soon. But Charity’s dad is in the hospital so have patience and please pray for her dad.

Everyone have a great week. A new Bible Study is coming soon😊

12 thoughts on “Stu’s World XCVII”

  1. I didn’t watch it 🙈 I watched part of the Q&A when Robert was getting bored and wanted off 😂 I’m so glad you guys enjoyed it though. Y’all are such good friends and it’s so awesome to see 💕 you guys make a great pair when it comes to writing!

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  2. Thank you for telling me about the concert! I had a blast watching it with you. 🥰 Very nostalgic.

    You liked your gift!!! You will rock that t-shirt. 😎

    Brandon and I must think alike. 😂 That’s so cool.

    That penguin lamp is cute! You did good Stuart. 😉

    I’m so sorry about your friend. 😭 Lots of loss this year. {{hugs}}

    Thank you so much for praying for my father. That was extremely scary. He got to come home today.

    I’m going to try and get our post published this week. I have so much fun writing with you.

    Merry Christmas Stuart and Brandon. I love you guys. 💕

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    1. We love you too Charity. Im glad you enjoyed watching the concert😊

      Very glad your dad is back home!!

      I’ll start to work on another question when I finish the Bible Study posts…unless I can get a ride to the funeral Friday. Which, of course, is in Shreveport.

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