Movie Night: The War Within

I actually watched this a few years back and It really was chaotic to me in a sense…but now…oh boy

A marriage on the rocks. The loss of a child. The anger and the guilt.

This is a unique movie in that Will, Memory, Emotions, Conscience, Knowledge and the Heart are portrayed by different people inside the main character’s mind as he battles with himself over the loss of his daughter and his faith in God.

Very touching at the end how God orchestrates reconciliation.

I truly could go into detail on this one but I would just give everything away. So stream it from somewhere!

7 thoughts on “Movie Night: The War Within”

  1. I found it on Prime Video. It’s free. I watched the trailer. Looks really good. Looking forward to watching that. My wife and I have been struggling for a long time, especially the last year. Maybe this could help us somehow. Thanks for sharing it. Blessings, brother.

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