Stu’s World: Just Saying Hi

I’m still here.

I have allowed myself to use the gaming world as a means to escape.

This used to be my escape.

I must find a way to find my way back to a productive means of escaping.

Though gaming is fun and I have made some amazing friends around the globe. Only one person in my life, Angie, holds more value than my blogging friends…well besides Brandon & Erin of course.

I have let Charity down. We are still going to be writing together. It will just take longer than expected before it is available to you all. So I apologize to you all as well.

I love you all. I appreciate everyone of you more than you can ever know.

9 thoughts on “Stu’s World: Just Saying Hi”

  1. Stu, as you know I am just finding my way back to the writing table as well. And I haven’t been reading many blogs during my away time, so forgive me if I’m not aware of what is going on. Know this, I am praying for you. And whatever has or is going on in your life, heart, world … I pray you are comforted and knowing that your Father knows all, sees all, and loves you without reservation or condition. Gaming can be fun, I’m sure. For me it’s fishing and being outdoors. And we can still do those things, while still giving place to the giftings God has put within us. And you my friend have a gift for writing. I look forward to reading your next writing. 💗

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  2. No worries Stuart! We can write that post together when you have time. I haven’t gotten very far with anything lately, not even a weekly post. Life is… crazy at the moment.

    Everything in life happens when it is supposed to and so will the post. 😉

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