Are You The Tortoise Or The Hare?

I don’t know where this post will go…lol

All I know is this popped into my head the other day and the Lord shared a thought with me…so…

I know we have all heard the story of the the tortoise and the hare growing up. But have you thought about it lately?

Allow me to share something. You should think about this story and how it can apply not only to your life but your walk with God as well.

This all started last week when my boss came up to me and asked how much money I had saved up for a car…lol.

My heart sank. For I knew he would show me a photo of a vehicle someone is selling. And sure nuff😊

Well at lunch I went and looked at said vehicle. It’s a Pathfinder. So it is definitely big enough and more than I’m use to as I usually get small smart car types.

But anyway the vehicle looks to be in great shape. I got in, which is where I “messed” up and started her up. Sounds great. Check engine light was on though.

Then the owner of the shop asked me if I wanted it. I said I am thinking very hard about it. I got the history on the vehicle and went back to work.

This is when the thought of the tortoise and the hare hit me.

I…big capital I…have tried for two years to get a car. I’ve cut corners. I’ve robbed Peter to pay Paul and then when the time comes and I have enough money…wham!

Something screwy always happens. First year my landlord ups and decides to actually have me sign a lease and wants a 600 deposit. Bye savings😥

Second year Brandon’s Roblox gets hacked and whoever stole his account hits me for over a grand before either of realized what had happened.

Then this year I get scammed via a Facebook ad.

Those were my trying to race as a rabbit…every year. And Everytime I lost.

Well this time I will be racing as a hare…slow, purposeful and steady. It may take longer than I want or Brandon wants or Angie wants or even work wants but I believe it’s the way God wants. So there it is.

Now for how I feel this applies to our walk with God….

It has been said that out of every 10 new pastors 2 may to stay for the long haul. I believe that can be said for new Christians as well.

New Christians are on fire at first and some run head long into any situation without believing they will hit a brick wall.

Many of those who hit that wall believe that maybe their faith wasn’t as strong as they thought. Or they believe that God is against them because He allowed them to hit the wall in the first place. These are the hares.

Some of the new Christians will take the time to study the Word, pray seek advice before plunging head first into a situation. These are the turtles.

And then there are those who run head long, hit the wall, and go ok I need to slow down. I need to pray about this before moving forward. And they become what I’ll call half hare and half tortoise.

This was was me for years!

And still is to some degree both in my life and my walk with God.

Patience is a virtue. But it takes a while for some of us knuckle heads to understand this truth!

There is a reason for the saying one day at a time.

This race called life is not a Sprint. So there is no need to be the hare who starts fast and gets side tracked thinking everything is going to be just fine.

Because we all know God did not promise a bed of roses when we signed up to follow Christ.

No, He warned us of turmoil to come. So we should like the tortoise. Slow and steady. One step at a time!

11 thoughts on “Are You The Tortoise Or The Hare?”

  1. I love how God teaches us so individually. Thanks for sharing your lesson with us; good application. God will tailor our post-Christian lessons to meet our unique needs. But, it’s up to us to learn them.

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  2. Amen Stu! Your post cuts right to the heart of our continuing Christian walk. While we may be tempted to enter the quick 100 meter dash and its empty promises, God reminds us to take the marathon’s steady route to fulfill His purpose. I will walk with a tortoise anytime.

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  3. The older I get, the more appealing the pace of the tortoise. I’m so glad that Jesus didn’t sign up a bunch of hares, and has the patience to deal with the thick-headed slow-pokes like me 🙂

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  4. Oh Stu! I am so encouraged about your “steady” faith. YES, better to be the tortoise than a hare! JAMES speaks about perseverance… worth it and endurance has it full effect in us so that we are mature and complete lacking nothing in CHRIST! Sorry to hear about your car, but GOD will eventually provide all you need. I have been caught up in a crazy last week where everyone could see my blog and I couldn’t get on it or post or comment. What is that about? Then I left it a couple of days and it was fine. Go figure. I am sorry you were hacked. I got one better, a few years ago a so-called friend of mine bought my so I couldn’t post as Heavensreef. My son got it back for me, he is a whiz at all of that. He bought the for 10 years for me and said, “ok MOM, keep writing!” See, GOD always provides!!

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