Sunday Music: Plush | Hate

Moriah has such a freaking amazing voice. I have followed her for years now on YouTube. How can I not? She’s been on the stage with Stryper many times singing with MichaelšŸ˜Š

Plush is her new band and every member of this band is truly talented and love what they do. And it shows!

Many see this as a song about a lost relationship, which I am sure that is how Moriah wrote it to be but you know me. I see things differently than most…lol.

I was listening to this again just a little while ago and it hit me. This song could be about addiction as well.

There comes a point in EVERY addicts journey where they truly hate everything about the addiction and we hate ourselves for hanging on. And there truly are times we miss it.

Just a random thought of mine.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Music: Plush | Hate”

  1. Itā€™s a good trait to see things differently, Stu. I think with music, we all can get a different take on the lyrics in a song, and it ministers to your our own personal needs.

    Hang in there we must though, even when we feel like giving up. Never, ever, ever give up, never ever give up-by King and Country song lyrics is an inspiration to me.

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