Sunday Music: Colton Dixon | Through All Of It

While you listen to the stories intermingled among the lyrics realize that many have had journey that you would not wish on your worst enemy.

Everyone of us have a story.

Everyone of us have dealt with pain, loss, temptation, addiction in some form or fashion, and just trying to make the right decisions.

This is one of my favorite songs that Angie has ever shared with this metal head. I immediately called her after listening to it and thanked her for sharing it with me. It brought me to tears as I reflected on choices I had made.

If you saw Angie and I walking in a store together you would never imagine what we have gone through together much less apart.

I could share so much about her life that would bring you to tears…mine as well…but I won’t.

I want you to take notice of everyone you see. For everyone has a story behind their eyes. Stories that could have led them to hate men/women, become anorexic or obese, walk everywhere with their head down so to not make eye contact, to dress the way they do, etc.

There are so many quiet Christians who have gone through a living hell to survive thanks to God and the renewing only He can provide.

I praise God that He has brought to this point in life. I swore as a teen I would not see 50.

Things as still tough. I still fight the temptations of my past….daily. I still make the wrong choices at times (don’t we all). I still can cause more pain with my mouth than I ever could with my fists…part of the reason I stay quiet. I could really slam some folks if I wanted to. I chose not too though.

God is still God in my life! And He will continue to be through the bad and the good!

6 thoughts on “Sunday Music: Colton Dixon | Through All Of It”

  1. Life is definitely a journey. We’ve seen joy and we’ve seen pain—But God has brought us through ALL of it. Our testimonies give us purpose. The pain give us purpose.
    You, my friend, Stu, have a purpose! 🙌🏼 Never forget that. I thought of you and Angie the other day and said a prayer for you.

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    1. Renee, thanks for the prayers. Angie has been dealing with sinus issues here lately and as a result has been trying to just sleep it out. So we really haven’t chatted that much here of late.

      A journey indeed!!

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