Monday’s Music To Move You: 7eventh Time Down | The 99

Do you get cleaned up before you take a bath?

Yeah, me neither!

And so it is with God! You do not need to try to get clean for Him to love you, save you and redeem you. Just come as you ARE! Trust me God WILL meet you where you are!

It does not matter if you have that needle in your vein!

It does not matter if you are the bar taking that 10th shot!

It does not matter if you have been laying in that bed crying as men pay to have sex with you.

It does not matter if you are laying face down in the gutter screaming I hate you God!

It does not matter that have that gun to your head or that razor to your wrist because you feel no one loves you and that world is better off with you. (That is a lie by the way! There is only one of you in the whole world. You are priceless!)

He still loves you! And He will meet you were you are just cry out to Him. He’ll be there in a flash with open arms.

He will whisper in your ear I love you child. Let me take that from you. My son, Jesus, has already paid the price for it with His life.

5 thoughts on “Monday’s Music To Move You: 7eventh Time Down | The 99”

  1. LOVE this. Thanks for posting. Its a wonderful reminder of how much God loves us! That we can come as we are. That all we need to do is take that one step in His direction and He will guide us along.

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  2. Hey Stu thinking of you and hope you are well. YES, oh how GOD’S grace allows us to : COME AS YOU ARE! What a gracious GOD we have, what a forgiving GOD we have. Let us daily come humbly before HIM. HE is always there for us, no matter what we are going through. I take such comfort in knowing this and it forever gives me peace!! Blessings brother in CHRIST!!


  3. Amen! God’s grace reaches out to us without any strings attached. He forgives our transgressions. None of us will walk a perfect, straight line. Jesus takes care of this for us when we meet Him at the cross. Stu, your discussion will touch someone who needs to discover the Gospel. Blessings.


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