Stu’s World XCIV

Wednesday I get a text from a number I do now know saying we are Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Celebrate Recovery as a ministry in our church and they asked if I would come.

I am so thankful I went not only to celebrate with my friends but to also celebrate my ten year anniversary as well.

The moment I walked in I felt the warmth I have missed. I have not gone since Covid hit. Not because I’m scared of Covid but they shut it down because the government said no groups of more than like 6. We had over 100 every week attending every Thursday!

We had a very small showing this time as there were only like 30 people there.

But I walk in and hear oh my gosh Stu is here. I look up, knowing that voice, and said oh my gosh Robbie is here. He drove from Baton Rouge just to Celebrate with us.

It made my year to see Robbie and his big ole smile. A true testament to God’s amazing grace. It was his ten years as well. He started coming about 3 months after we started CR. He has been clean every since and is now married with a beautiful baby girl😍

I saw Nathan who was raped and molested his whole teenage life, being passed around to man after man upon being taken by his uncle. I love this man. The Lord has changed him so much. Nathan is now married to a very beautiful young woman!

No more drugs or alcohol to numb the pain. Nathan is clean.

But Nathan didn’t see me until the service started. I came in late as I ate dinner first. I couldn’t pass up the fish so I missed the first like 10 minutes. But once he saw me he stopped talking, smiled and He Stu, I love you bro!

Then guess who the speaker was? Non other than Jeff Thomas, my favorite pastor/speaker. He say me and said Stu, I love you bro you are such an inspiration to me😮

Now I hope none of the above comes off as being high and mighty! For that is not why I shared their reaction. I could have easily remained silent and said nothing.

But I want you to realize that even when you are just being you God WILL use you.

I fought my demons and still do to an extent. I met Nathan at his darkest and chose to walk with him. Every week we talked about the life issues at hand. And because I shared my story from the pulpit without shame he knew he could trust me with his. His is darker but oh so similar.

It was a joy to talk with Bro. Jeff after the service. Such a man of God and one I truly respect!

Over the course of the 10 years Celebrate Recovery has been at our church we, as a body, have had the privilege of watching God move in thousands of lives.

If you don’t believe me that everyone needs CR check out my post Celebrate Recovery Is For Everyone. Even after attending stay a few more weeks and be in awe of our God as he transforms lives week after week.

I have forever friends/brothers/sisters from CR.

My head is healing nicely. Just one scab left. Itching like crazy though.

I know I said I would have a post done this week but training the 3 newbies has been a challenge and mentally exhausting…lol. Then I had CR and then Brandon stayed the whole weekend with me,😊

So it has been an eventful week.

The car situation is the same at moment…just waiting on the seller.

Angie is doing ok. She has a Dr appointment coming up where she has to swallow a pill with a camera inside it😮 So a horse pill!

Pray that some answers are found through this please!

Have a great week everyone!

Here is a link to the new Supergreen vitamins that Goli just released. I have got to try these😊

The link for the other 3 Goli Vitamins are on last week’s Stu’s World XCIII

3 thoughts on “Stu’s World XCIV”

  1. Wow, wow, and big WOW! That is so cool that you got to revisit CR! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. No, as you say, not puffing yourself up, just sharing a Godly testimony of His goodness and faithfulness. Wonderful grace of Jesus!

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  2. So glad you got to spend time with your friends!

    You ARE an inspiration Stuart.

    Who could pass up a fish dinner?!!! That sounds so good.

    I’m so glad your head is healing. Was worried about you. Are you gonna take that inside job? Or is it too boring? If you do, they better keep you away from things like letter openers and staplers. 😂

    Love and prayers for you and Angie. 🙏🏻💕


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