Can You Trust Me Here?

A very much needed profound post from my friend Debi @ the romantic vineyard

The Romantic Vineyard

We had only been married a few months when I became very sick, requiring surgery. The look in Tom’s eyes revealed his concern, but even more revealing was his deep love for me. I saw mirrored in him the love of my Father for me asking…

Can you trust Me here?

After three years of marriage we faced some serious “getting to know you” conflicts. It was hard realizing the picture perfect, fairytale ideal I had of marriage wasn’t going to play out that way. I realized I had to do hard things in marriage–repent and forgive. This wasn’t a one time occurrence but an on-going lifestyle all healthy marriages must embrace. My Father asked…

Can you trust Me here?

The test was positive and we were elated to be expecting our first baby. We announced it to the world that our baby would be joining our family in December…

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