Stu’s World XCIII

Hello everyone. I promise one of these days I will get back to writing regularly. I have a several posts in my head at moment. One will be ready this week.

We have finally hired some new hands for the yard. Three newbies. One knows nothing about lumber or driving a forklift. But workers are hard to come by so we shall see. More than likely this one will be the cleaner.

The boss man has said he wants a total of six guys on the yard. One to keep D and I concentrating on the truck orders and two to free me up to learn a new position. One of the guys on the inside will be retiring soon and they want me in that position. I’m not sure about that though. Inside work though refreshing seems awfully boring.

But anyway D is back from his Covid teaser. I call it a teaser because he only had the sniffles the whole time. But he tested positive…so 10 days off work for D. And me going bonkers. It seems that over half that get tested have Covid which medically speaking is about impossible. I think if someone was to walk in a testing facility with Gonorrhea they will say they tested positive for Covid or whatever the newest strain is at that moment.

Covid appears as if it is here to stay. Bye-bye flu and the common cold. After all these years the flu has graduated college.

To all you naysayers. Yes, I know Covid is real. Yes I know it can kill you. But your odds of dying from Covid is less than dying from crossing a street. (Just my opinion) Plus, I’m sick and tired of hearing about it! Give it a rest already.

It is here to stay move on. The masks are a ridiculous way to keep from getting it. It is about a helpful as a broken condom and here is why….

Covid is airborne. It moves with a breeze. If someone sneezes it could probably travel the length of a football field. You wear a mask in the store, but you do not wipe down the buggy and you definitely do not wipe down the money you are given back as change. You also do not wipe down you debit card after running it through the machine. How many hands have touched that thing😮 How many hands touched that bill before you got it😮

It’s insane. Let’s get back to living! Put the mask down. If your that scared go ahead and get the vaccine that make men sterile and kill babies within the first trimester. Inform yourself about both vaccines before you take it folks. How many have died just from taking the vaccine? Has there been a study on that one yet🤔

But anyway I don’t want to put anyone down that has taken the shot. That’s your choice. And it’s my choice not to take it.

On a lighter note I have found a vehicle. I’ll know next week if they agree to my terms on payment😊. I’m hoping I’m not jumping ahead of the Lord in this though. More on that thought will be shared in my upcoming post.

I talked with Angie twice this week. Mathew would have turned 23 this year and I know Angie is wondering, had God chosen to let Matthew live, what type of man he would be today. Would she have grands yet? And I also know she looked back on his childhood photos. She does it every year. And all one can do is just hold her while she does.

She called me the day a friend named their newborn son Matthew. It meant the world to her🤗

Brandon stayed this weekend with me. We went shopping Friday night after work. I needed bandaids as I hit my head at work…

So I tell Brandon to go get bandaids while I look for a new pair of 29×32 pants. (Which are almost impossible to find by the way…ughhh) So what does Brandon come back with? Bandaids big enough to cover 1/4 of my head almost. I look like I had brain surgery but it covers both cuts while I sleep so I thanked him for thinking about that. Still funny though.

Amy, if you happen to read this I found a new picture for you…

Now…the below links are affiliate links. Meaning IF you purchase any item using my link I will get a small kickback. But you will get 10% off your first order of Goli Vitamins😊 And trust me after 3 months of trying them I know they work!

Apple Cider



These are all gummy chewables. Yes they have a slight bitter taste due to the cider but the benefits outweigh that. Plus any order placed Goli will send a 6 month supply to a malnourished child! A win win win.

Any lingerie ordered from Honoring Intimates. Why this company? Well for starters they use mannequins to display their lingerie on and not actual people. No lingering looks. They are Christian and love the covenant of a Godly marriage and believe like I do that sex in marriage should be fun and exciting😊

My personal fav😊

So go over and take a look. Tell them I said hi!

Until next week everyone please keep Charity’s dad in your prayers as well as Vivian’s husband.

Have a blessed week and remember…

16 thoughts on “Stu’s World XCIII”

  1. Glad to see your blog today, Stu. Like you, I’m over Covid. I did get my two shots but I have no plans to get a booster. After all, the shots aren’t even thoroughly vetted yet. As far as I’m concerned, my daughter is right…it’s a plandemic, sent from China to throw our election and economy into chaos. It can only continue to succeed if we let it. And government control is not the answer. Praying for Angie, Charity’s dad and for Mark. So many needs! God knows and answers in His time.

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  2. Good post! The only thing I’m suffering from is covid fatigue. It’s taken a back seat though to Ida aftermath so I guess I’ll take it. It’s still emotional to go to moms and still see all of grandpas stuff in the same place it’s been since 2014. Be Blessed in the Lord!

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    1. Thanks J. I appreciate you taking time to read. Sorry I missed you while you were visiting your mom. Work just wears me down and I usually crash when I get to the house!

      I bet that is very emotional😥


  3. Omg! You’re head!!! Sheesh Stuart.

    Brandon! Brain surgery. 😂Glad he’s got you covered.

    This COVID stuff is getting to me. I can’t even visit my dad in the hospital due to restrictions. I HATE COVID. People are getting it vaccinated or not. How many people do you see these days who got vaccinated for polio and still got polio? Like, “Yeah, I still got polio after getting vaccinated. BUT, it’s not as bad as it would’ve been.” Not one person I know has gotten polio. I thought that was the point of vaccines. And how does anyone know how COVID would’ve affected you? We are not God and this virus looks like it came from Hell because nothing seems to stop it.

    I have no idea what to do. I don’t want the vaccine, but I might be forced to get it. I don’t want COVID, but almost everyone is getting it no matter what they do. There are germs EVERYWHERE. And you make such a good point, we touch everything.

    Got my vitamins!!!

    Oh, I LOVE that purple set!!!! I gotta check this out.

    Thank you so much for praying for my father.

    Love and prayers for you and Angie. 💕

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    1. Yeah, Brandon took good care of me😊

      I’m glad you got your vitamins. They just recently added a new one called Supergreens. I have to try those next😊

      You are very welcome and thank you for your prayers!!!


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