Stu’s World XCII

Hey everyone.

What a week we just had. Due to the hurricanes our lumberyard has and will continue to extremely busy. There is no lumber in south Louisiana. So the boss man has ordered an extreme amount to help with rebuilding down there.

We have already had several contractors order from us saying they will drive up here to pick it up😮

And a few of the guys that work outside with me, including D, have caught Covid so I’m down a few guys which of course makes the 3 left have to work 2x as hard.

Is it a spider or an ant?

I love looking at the lumber while I am pulling an order. I never know what I’ll find…including that carpenter bee that flew out of one the other day and hit me in the head😂

I have not really talked with Angie much lately. This month is the anniversary of Matthew being called home. This is what she calls her quiet time. It’s her time to reflect and yes mourn. And if you have never lost a child or spouse you will NEVER be able to understand the significance of a date or thoughts of what if.

Do I leave her alone? Nope. I have always sent little messages everyday to let her know I’m thinking of her whether it’s just as simple as a kissie emoti or a hey. Some days I will even send a voice message so she hears my voice. It soothes her as much as hers soothes me😊

Pray for her this month please. But pray for our fellow bloggers as well. Each of us are going through things we don’t really feel like sharing with the world. Some have lost loved ones, some have lost jobs, some have major health issues either themselves or a member of their household and some have marital issues.

And I let the cat out of the bag on one my titles in my draft folder😮 It has been sitting idle for 2 years along with my Naked & Unashamed series I started…so If I can stay awake after work from now on I will start really writing again.

I need to or I will go backwards in my walk. I can’t afford to do that!

Have a great week!

Oh yeah Brandon made the basketball team before being sent back into quarantine because he grandmother has Covid. I’m so sick of this quarantine BS.

13 thoughts on “Stu’s World XCII”

  1. I say it’s a “spy-ant.” 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ That is so😎!!! Sorry to hear you have so many around you dealing with covid. That stuff is really tough! Hope you don’t get it! 🙏🏼 Praying for Angie and for Brandon to get through this quarantine. Yes, we need to pray for one another. Tough times!

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  2. 🐝Praying things get back to normal in the our area. Congrats on your son making basketball team , praying for those affected by covid. Hope and pray full recovery with no lasting effects. I don’t know story of Angie’s loss, praying for her. May work keep you busy, and your co workers return soon. Blessing to you all! 💯🙌🙏🤗

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  3. Hey Stu…..I sure hope where you are that all is ok after all this wild weather. Yes, I am sick of this mask, quarantine, distance stuff. It wears on you. So many going through hard stuff and I cannot imagine doing any of this without GOD! Thank GOD HE saved me Stu and you! What a peace we have in spite of all the chaos around us. Just stay strong in the LORD and remember this: PSALM 40: 2 “HE set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.” HUGS brother in CHRIST!

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