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This has been a weird week.

We have had a total of 15 employees from inside the store get the new strain of Covid (which may or may not be Covid at all but that’s what they call it now.)

So it has been especially tough, in a way, for us guys working on the yard. If we get sick…does the company shut down? The salesmen, even when healthy, are too lazy to do our job. They whine that it’s too hot much less trying to fill a truck order with 20 or 30 pieces of 2x12x24s.

Don’t get me wrong I like them all but dang they are lazy.

But anyhow…

I did not get the vaccine while the boss was offering the weeks vacation check. Honestly I don’t want the stupid thing. It makes no sense at all to me.

But I may end up needing to do it for health reasons for someone I hold dear. And to be able to simply go grocery shopping with her in the near future.

If she needs a liver graft and I am capable of doing so, I know that I would need to be vaccinated. Other than that I don’t care about the shot.

Vaccine means…a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease.

Vaccination means…treatment with a vaccine to produce immunity against a disease; inoculation.

Now this is me talking. I’m not dissing anyone…just sharing my thoughts.

Ask any doctor and they will tell you getting vaccinated will NOT keep you from getting Covid or even the flu. It will also not keep you from being a carrier! 

So what’s the point? Other than to prove that people are sheep. And to prove that a lot of people believe everything they hear.

For me getting the shot is a slap in God’s face. He built my body. And he has kept me from getting sick for 53 years. Getting the shot is like ok God, you’re not big enough to protect me from this one disease😮

I’ve had pneumonia once and other than a cold I have really never been sick.

I’m sort of repeating myself from a few weeks back but I still feel the same.

Brandon’s mom tested negative for a week straight while feeling miserable. Last Friday she tests positive. Brandon gets tested Monday and doesn’t have it. Doctors say he has enough antibodies to resist it. That’s because he has already gotten Covid and his immune system kicked in and did exactly what God designed it to do…create antibodies to fight it.

Angie has gotten the shot. Her immune system is not the greatest due to other health issues so I understand.

But every year from here on out she will need to get the vaccination again just like your supposed to do with the flu shot, which btw I’ve never taken. That’s why if you look at your card there are additional lines on it.

It’s not just a 1,2 shot and your done type of thing.

I guess I’m one of the ole timers in a young body. Because I agree that Covid is real. I believe Covid is killing folks but I also know that I could walk outside and get run over by a driver not paying attention.

My time is the hands of the Lord and not the confused state of this world.

But as I said above I feel I may have to get the shot to be able help that one person I love.

So what does a person with mixed thoughts do in this scenario? I keep praying about until I get an answer!

Brandon video chatted me yesterday, Saturday, with tears in his eyes😢 They are tearing down the house he grew up in. The house Jenn and I lived in while raising Erin & Brandon. His mom has gotten a trailer, with outside help, and is placing it where the old house was.

It was an emotional day for a lot of people. That was Jennifer’s dad’s house he grew up in with his siblings. So Pop and his brother were there as well to watch the house come down😢 I could hear all the sniffles while Brandon and I talked. A bitter sweet moment to say the least. There were a lot of memories made in that house, even for Jenn and I.

I shared the song Patient with several of you before I posted it here Friday. Angie has not talked to me since I shared it with her. We have always shared songs with each other but the last two I have shared I guess have across as wrong in her eyes.

I guess we see things from a different perspective now. I saw the song as a help to her with all she is dealing with and she was the first person I thought of when I heard it.

Maybe she took the opening line of I guess this is broken as a way of looking at our relationship. I’m in the friend zone again. And I’m perfectly fine with it…for now.

Maybe she felt that I was being selfish. I’m not sure since she will return my calls.

Maybe she just overworked herself and is just tired.

But it was God saying hey send this to Angie, Charity, Renee and D. They need it now. So I did.

But I can a relational meaning in the song…so I don’t know..

But anyway I have not talked to her in several days now and I really just want to hear her voice and her say I’m ok…you know.

Oh well that’s it for this week. May you all be blessed and remember…

Compassion for another is intentional!

9 thoughts on “Stu’s World XCI”

  1. I’m still not getting all the hype over covid, since 98% of people get over it, or don’t even know they have it. Why test for it, if you don’t know you have it??? It’s too bad they had to come up with a vaccine-induced immunity, because that will never be the resolution. You’re right. God created our bodies, and He provides all we need.

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  2. Wow, that has to be tough at work. I’m glad you are ok though and staying well.

    I can understand not getting the vaccine. I can also understand why you would get it if you needed to. I myself am SUPER conflicted over it. I do not want it honestly and I do not plan on getting it unless I’m forced to. No judgment for anyone, I can see both sides and we all have to do what we think is best.

    Thank you so much for sending me that song! I really needed it and I LOVED it. 💕

    As always, love and prayers for you and Angie. 🙏🏻♥️

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  3. I am conflicted as well for many reasons. If your friend is vaccinated, and you are not, my understanding is the risk is to you, not her. I may be wrong as I’m not sure what the truth is anymore in regards to this virus propaganda and news. The vaccine sheds for a period of time. 🤷
    The vaccine isnot FDA approved.😳 Reports states it’s made with fetal cells,😭 and the vaccine interrupted the natural cycle of women, pregnant women are miscarrying or having still births. Blood cloths, enlarged hearts, neuropathy, allergic reactions causing asphyxiation, or skin reactions, headaches fatigue or death. Then once vaccinated according to reports you can still get the virus. The virus is man-made, vaccines research started 15 years ago, most vaccines research was for on average 30 years before FDA approval, people are trusting a vaccine created less than a year ago. Did you know the vaccines were patented before Covid Outbreak? Our country worries about another 9/11. When we should be worried about what’s being created and recreated in pharmaceutical labs that can harm us unintentionally or intentionally by greedy hungry billionaires. Whose in control, the President or Big Pharm. My theory is they aren’t friends. I worry everyday I pray about this , I’m conflicted. My gut instinct says “no” yet I’m being fearmongered to accept a vaccine that may kill me or my family, and yes , I understand covid kills, too.
    All the government and pharmaceutical, CDC, have me terrified to leave my house or engage with others. It affects our mental health, with all the bullying.
    But why aren’t there any reports on how to boost immunity, why is there no reports on the flu.
    Right now I don’t know which direction to go. That is why I pray! I’m scared to take vaccine and I’m scared not to take the vaccine. And I totally get why you are conflicted. May God guide us all!

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    1. Thanks for sharing your concerns Deb. I don’t trust the FDA even if they approved it. They approve all the foods that are slowly killing everyone…but I won’t go into that one.

      They don’t want you to boost your immune system they want you taking medicine.

      Good point on the flu… It’s not gone and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if half the Covid cases were actually the flu

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      1. Well, I’m boosting my immunity and that of my family. Your right about foods. Great discussion for later. Report came out numbers are being falsified by CDC, Florida proved it, and I’m wondering why most are believing everything they are told. At first I believed news and reports, until I started seeing truth prevail. I think on 1 John 4, scripture says to “Test the Spirits”!
        How do we apply it any other biblical suggestions?


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