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I am laughing so hard right now.

I was sent a link to Oral Roberts’ “famous” sex sermon he gave to his church. The video is just a picture of Oral with just his mouth and eyes moving to the audio. The audio is legit!

I’m rolling.

He covers it all. From oral, to anal, to vaginal penetration, to lesbian and gay. Apparently he loved the word vagina but couldn’t say penis😂 He called it the male organ.

He also said that vaginal sex is the only means of multiplication (which is true) and is the only body part that should be penetrated by the male organ as the male organ is not designed to be in a mouth or other orifices of the body. So Oral didn’t believe in oral😂

He mentioned in passing a few orifices…like the naval, the nose but when he said you could put it near the ear I about fell off my couch. Now a tongue in the ear or naval is very sensual…but the male organ…hahaha

I’m sorry but I’m still laughing.

I could go on despite the fact that it is only a 9 minute segment…like I said he covers it all. And almost in a pornographic way of fire coming from the male as he becomes sexually aroused😂

He does go a little into the gay sexual activity and how by penetrating the anus with the male organ where the poisoned waste from our bodies comes out is how aids came to be.

I’m sure some of y’all like Oral Roberts. But for me he was as fake as a 3 dollar bill.

But if we were to take Oral at his words here we can see why sex in marriage was doomed for that generation. There was no fun involved. No play time. And play time is where it’s at.

And it just went down hill from there thanks to pastors and other Christians giving bad advice. Which I’m sure they felt was accurate but…NOT.

A wife is NOT at the beckon call to have sex with her husband at the drop of hat!

A wife is not to be just a sperm bank!

What about her feelings, sexual desires and needs? They need to met as well. If you’re not meeting them…shame on you! You are not giving you wife her due benevolence as per scripture.

I know a lot of men that need to read Song of Solomon. Yeah READ! You’re mouth my fly open as it does talk about oral sex being pleasing among other things…like take it slow.

If you are just getting your rocks off then her breasts will not always be pleasing to you much less her mouth, tongue or even her scent.

Come on men saddle up and have fun and don’t be like Oral.

Ok… enough of that one…

At work we have had 8 people get the newest strain of Covid.

So the boss has offered a free weeks pay if you get vaccinated 😮

That sounds so appealing but for me it would feel like a slap in the face to God. Here’s why…

From 1968 to 2021 God has kept me healthy…only catching pneumonia and bronchitis there for a while. I have a very good immune system even though I smoke. I heal fast and I have a very high tolerance to pain.

So for me to get the vaccine would be saying to God that even though you have kept me healthy for 53 years I don’t trust you to see me safely through this Covid crap. There’s my spiritual dilemma.

It’s not the mark of the beast as some conspiracy theorist say.

It’s just a bunch of medicine thrown together in hopes to curb more people getting sick😂

Well there were people getting flu shots and still getting the flu.

And there ARE people getting the Covid shot only to end up getting Covid. There are also people dying from the shot, having seizures, becoming paralyzed, brain dead, etc. And half the medical field has not even been vaccinated 😮🤔

I know I am going to die one day and God knows the when, why and how.

So those are my thoughts on the Covid shot…any takers on comments? Feel free. It open for honest discussion not a debate.

We have also been having a lot of Biblical chatter on the yard of late as well 😊 For me this is a good thing.

We’ve discussed the mark of the beast, sex from a biblical point of view, why men and women become gay, how Jesus fits into the old testament, revelations and more. And that’s just in 2 days😮

Can’t wait to see what comes up next😊

Speaking of biblical things. Charity wrote a very honest post the other day about how she has been feeling and referenced a sermon where the pastor mentioned God creating Adam and leaving him in the dirt for 3 days before breathing life into him.🤔 Anyone care to chime in with some scripture to back this guy up? Or do I call him a false prophet? Which is where I am leaning at moment. Sorry sis!

Because along with that he said that God made a mold of himself in the dirt and came back later and breathed life into it creating Adam from that. Yeah….no

Anyhow, Brandon is away this week at church camp😊

I had to buy the turkey a new phone over the weekend. It was cheaper to do that than fix the old one😮

Angie has been in a lot of pain lately and is very tired. And by her not having a car herself she is starting to feel alienated and lonely.

I’m getting closer to having one😊

That may be the deciding factor in the vaccine. That extra paycheck is so tempting.

I hope you all have a great week. Pray for one another as this world is going crazy and may be shutting down yet again…which is right where the devil wants us

13 thoughts on “Stu’s World XC”

  1. 🤣🤣🤣 Stuart!

    So true, playtime is where it’s at!!! 😎 Preach!!! 🙌🏻

    I agree with you, the vaccine is not the mark of the beast. I just don’t know what all is in it. I have bad allergic reactions to lots of medications and I haven’t gotten the vaccine yet. One of my doctors said he was waiting because he’s not sure about the vaccine. 😳 That floored me. I completely understand your feelings about not getting it and if you do decide to for that extra check, I understand that too. Especially being around people with COVID. 😓 If I’m made to get it, I will have to. Otherwise, I think I’ll sit this one out over here in my corner with my sanitizing wipes and Victoria’s Secret face masks.

    You didn’t like one of my favorite preachers teachings? 😁 I would like to know where he got that from as well. Like I said, he is a WILD one. He’s always saying stuff I’ve never heard in my life. If you find out where it came from, let me know?

    Prayers for Angie. 💕

    I’m so glad you are getting close to buying a car!!!! 🙌🏻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you got a kick out of my comments on Oral’s sermon😂

      They are trying really hard at work to get me to take the shot. Dee picked on me by calling me scardy cat😂 He knows the reasons why I am hesitant and one of them revolves around Angie.

      Thank you for praying for Angie by the way😊

      Liked by 1 person

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