Stu’s World LXXXVII

Stu’s World is crazy.

I was supposed to go see Angie a few weekends ago. My ride kept promising to take me until it was like time to leave and came up with an excuse not to.

This made me furious. One Angie knowing I was coming had gone and bought groceries and had started making supper when I called and told her that my ride bailed. She got mad. Not at me but at him for not keeping his word.

It seems like keeping ones word is a thing of the past.

Which could be a post all on its’ own.

I explained to him what it takes for me to be able to spend a weekend her Angie. It’s sort of like pulling teeth. I have give Brandon a weeks notice and Angie. I have to wash clothes so they do not have cat hair on them and/or smell like smoke.

And I explained her financial situation and how buying extra food for me to eat. I help with groceries when I go shopping with her. This time she went before I was to arrive. And then me not show up…yeah…😠

A friend of ours passed away suddenly last week. And the funeral was this weekend.

So I asked one of the guys, Jose, to take me. He agreed. And kept his word.

I was able to spend the weekend with Angie😍 We did not attend the funeral services though. Angie tried to go to the wake Friday but became overwhelmed at the thought of being around so many that she did not know. So the funeral was out of the question. Even with me there it could have set her back.

So we stayed home. I cleaned out one of her sheds and rearranged things so she has more access and moving around room. Which in turn cleaned out the sunroom. I also got rid of all the poison ivy and poison oak around the yard. Everyone is allergic to it. Not me though.

You should have seen the look on her face when I told her about the mouse in the shed😂😂

Now she will have to go get some traps.

I also took care of the wasp nests around the house as well.

It was a productive visit. She is very thankful but got upset with me that I cut my head twice in the shed. It’s not made for someone my height. And I forgot to duck…twice😂

I came inside for some water and she goes Oh my God your bleeding. I said it’s fine. This is what happens to bald men around the world and just smiled. It didn’t hurt and it was not dripping blood so I knew they were not bad cuts. More like scrapes.

I did clean them while she was making lunch.

It was so good to be able to spend time with her.

While away though Muffin decided to have her kittens😮.

I knew something was up when she didn’t greet me at the door like she does everyday.

When she finally showed up she wasn’t “fat” anymore. So I call Brandon and said you need to come help find the kittens.

It took us about an hour. But Muffin finally showed us where she had the kitten. Yes, one kitten.

Though you can’t see it. It has the same marking on it’s head as Muffin. A big ole M😊

I told Angie about the kitten. She immediately sends me info about momma cats and their kittens. It seems a one kitten litter is more common than I thought. So now I am not frantically tearing up the house. I’m just waiting to see where Muffin goes next…in case she had them in two separate spots. I wasn’t here and it is possible as kittens can be born an hour apart.

So we will see. But I know her belly had more than one in there before I left. She sleeps right against my belly so I could feel them moving.

Angie and her bestie leave for Florida Wednesday night. Please pray for safe travels and good weather. It would really suck if it rained the whole time they were there.

She is all prepped and ready. She has made beach shirts and mugs for her friends. They look really cool by the way 😊

One of these days I will be able to take her. Til then I will just continue in prayer for this storm to dissipate and praise God for the things I do have during it.

I hope you all have a great week!

Amy, I thought of you when I saw this

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