Sunday Music: Disciple | Invisible

WARNING!! This video could be a trigger for some.

But IF you have the strength to watch the video and listen to the lyrics…

You will see and hear that you are NOT invisible! There ARE people out there that do really care!

You do not have to walk your journey alone. Trust me.

Depression comes in many forms and a lot of those forms are not truly visible if you are not looking.

You may not see the signs right off but please do not let anyone feel invisible when you are around.

See them! Love them as Jesus would! Don’t walk on but rather walk in and make a difference in 1!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Music: Disciple | Invisible”

  1. There’s nothing worse to me than to see a person going around alone, feeling invisible. There was a woman tonight who came to church with her little girl, after our services were over. (I suspect she thought we started at 7:30 pm) We were eating in our life center. The little girl didn’t have any shoes on, her clothes were dirty, the mom’s clothes were dirty, and she had mechanic grease on her hands like she had worked on a vehicle. She came in and was just looking around and went and sat in a chair. My friends and I asked her if she wanted something to eat. She got something to eat and we asked her to sit by us. She had just moved into town 2 months ago, and was looking for a church and wanted a Bible. She didn’t ask for money. I talked with her for a while, and she said she was coming back Wednesday night. My heart really hurt for her. We never know what someone’s story is. What they’ve been through. But they don’t need to be made to feel invisible. We’ve got to love like Jesus.
    Thanks for this post, Stu. People need friends and to know they are not alone!


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