Stu’s World LXXXVI

Hey everyone. So sorry I have not been sharing what has been going on in Stu’s World of late😥

I guess after being scammed while trying to get that car sent me in a downward spiral, one could say.

I did have to tell Angie that I got scammed. That hurt. I so wanted to take her to Florida this summer. But the good news is that she is going and it will a girls week. She will have so much more fun hanging out with her besties😊

Thank you all for your prayers for Angie while she had her eye surgeries done. The update is that does not need glasses or contacts any longer!!!! The procedure went above and beyond what the doctor thought. It’s just a God thang😊🙏

Big D is back at work now and doing great. He’s back to his old self again…ragging on me😂

Work is going good. One of the bosses mentioned to me Friday that they want to train me in a new area😮

We have a new guy. His name is Jose. He needs prayer. D and I have been talking with him. He has a LOT going on in his marriage and has lost his faith it seems. There is a lot to this story that goes back to his Bible college days and how he was treated that started his “falling away” It’s just not my story to tell.

I am now taking vitamins…

Goli now has three different types. And I can’t wait to try the other two because after 3 weeks of taking this one I can truly feel a difference in my mood and how well I sleep at night. Plus men it helps in “other” areas as well.

My next purchase will be a five month supply for each…hopefully. If not I’ll just do 3 months

If you would like to check them out and order some please my link. I can give you a 10% discount😊 Use stubaby777 as the promo code at checkout!



Apple Cider Vinegar

These are all gummies and absorb faster into your body. They are gluten free, plant based and have no GMO

Angie sent me a photo of one her Angel Designs creations and it is too freaking cute…

The rainbow bottoms and the rawr…too cute!

Hopefully soon her website will be up and running 😊

She has teamed up with Caring Bridge to share her medical journey. She has posted once on the site so far. If anyone would care to read and it, offer prayers or say hi the link is…Angie

Speaking of the love of my life. I am hoping to spend this coming up weekend with her as it is a 3 day weekend for me😊 Please pray that I can find a ride to and fro. Thank you.

Everyone have a blessed week. I’ll be sharing another Bible Study this week😊

9 thoughts on “Stu’s World LXXXVI”

  1. It’s good to hear Angie’s surgery was a success! I’m glad she is going to FL, but I know she is sad she won’t be going with you. 😢 praying for y’all. Praying you get the ride there and back this next weekend. Praying your job goes well with the new training. Thanks for the update. 🙂

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    1. Isn’t though😊 I love that she has found something she enjoys working on from home.

      Yes, I recommend them for the guys😉

      If you do decide to buy them use my code. You get a discount and I get a kickback as well.

      I just ordered the other two flavors and should be in this week. Will see what happens when taking all three.

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