Are We Doing It All Wrong?

This world is so freaking backwards!

Selfishness runs rampant!

It seems as if everyone is out for themselves! Forget what others want or need!

The world says as long as I get off it doesn’t matter if my partner does😮

The world says I need more and more stuff and I’m entitled to it! 🤔

The world also seems to say that my stuff is more important than your stuff…spousal wise.

Let’s take a look at what Jesus said about such things

But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.
Matthew 23:11 KJV

Now that is the total opposite of what the world seems to think much less practice.

What kind of legacy are we leaving if it’s all about us? We get the world we live in now..sadly.

Now the only way for me to give examples are via scripture & my life…


Jesus insisted on washing the disciples feet at the last supper…including Judas of all people. Washing of feet was usually reserved for the lower class such as slaves. They washed the guests feet.

But here is Jesus saying I must do this and let this be an example to you.

Have you ever washed someone else’s feet? It is so humbling!

Jesus, the Master, becomes the servant. Does it represent the Suffering Servant? Maybe

Or is Jesus simply saying no matter “your” stature or how you percieve yourself be a servant to all!

When you become a servant to others you are basically putting your own self aside to ensure the happiness of another.

That means that when you and your wife are having sex…her pleasure should come before yours. I’ve always ensured that the woman I love has an orgasm before I do. Plus it gives me pleasure to simply please her!

That means when you are home sitting on the couch doing nothing productive get off your butt and help clean the freaking house. You are not that special to where you can not do dishes, mop, vacuum, or do laundry. You may need to check your heart if you think you are!

When I’m at Angie’s and she asks me to do something I jump to it. Acts of service is one of my languages anyway but that’s beside the point. If she came to my house and I asked her to do something she would if she could physically do it. I probably wouldn’t ask but if I did I know she would. We kindred spirits in that.

That also means while at work you lead by example. Don’t ask an associate to do something that you feel is beneath you. You get in there and be a servant to them. Lead by doing! The best manager anywhere is one who is willing to be a servant to his employees and lead properly as well.

If you want a new car and your wife needs one do the right thing. Put her needs first!

If someone asks you for help do your best to help them if it doesn’t go against your morals! Don’t just say no I can’t and walk away. Give a valid reason as to why you can’t. If your reason has validity them help them for crying out loud.

Remember, we as Christians, have many eyes upon us. Jesus knew this!

Leave a legacy of Servanthood and kindness to those you have influence over. That includes family, friends and co workers.

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