Stu’s World LXXXIV

So much has happen since I shared last.

For one I turned 53 and Brandon got me this freaking cool mug that keeps water cold for days…

I received my Oz Fox shirt in the mail 😊. I bought the shirt as all funds went to help Oz with his medical bills from his brain tumor surgery…

I shared a little in the last Stu’s World that I wasn’t going to be visiting Angie anymore. Well she called me Thursday to remind me of a friend of ours benefit. This benefit was set up by other high schools friends to help Randy pay for medical bills associated with his cancer.

I told her I would do my best to be there. Little did I know how much God would work….but that is just how He does things…right?

She wanted to go but didn’t want to go by herself.

God moved what seemed like heaven and earth in 24 hours for me to be there.

When I texted her Friday and said that I could come but not until Saturday and I would have to leave around 5 on Sunday she was ok with it.

She called Saturday to make sure and when I said we were leaving Monroe she asked if I would go to church with her Sunday morning. And of course, you all know my answer.

Saturday evening was spent going to get some Andy’s ice cream (which we ate before we made it back to the house), cooking dinner and helping her move a few things.

After dinner we started on a new part of her business…together with her son Joshua. It took a few tries but here is shirt number one…

She has been wanting to make me a shirt since she started her business Angel Designs😊

We had to run to the store and get two cutting boards and tape them together to use the press on. As the one she had was not really strong enough. I was more than happy to help support her so I bought them for her. Hey, they came with 2 knives. So she has four new knives now😊

We finished the shirt and she jumped in the shower. While she was taking her shower I tied my knot in her prayer blanket😊

She said to put the knot in a certain place and to make it special. So I did. The moment I bent down and grabbed the string to pray for her I of course got teary eyed. I always do when praying for her.

After praying I kissed the string and tied three knots. Those knots represent a few things for me. 1. The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. 2. Angie, me and God and 3. Her boys Joshua, Matthew and Ryan. I had to do the 3 knots. When she got out of the shower she knew I had been crying and went straight to the blanket. She held the string and went oh cool 3 knots smiling.

We chatted for a while longer and went to sleep.

When I woke up she was already awake working on some positivity cards. So we discussed those and why they are needed.

She knew something was “wrong”. So we talked about her therapy and how it’s going. Some of her triggers. And that’s when I started crying.

So she just waited for me stop and then heard my story of the last weekend I stayed with her. I shared how I knew it would affect her with me leaving but I didn’t feel it would be as bad as it was.

And I shared with her that her text hurt me deeply. So it was at that moment I looked at the love of my life with tears still in my eyes and said…

I love you, I want to be with you but I have to be a dad first. I also love you too much for myself to be a trigger for you. She sort of looked at me funny. I said that when you texted saying you were in a bad spot I told myself I wasn’t going to come visit anymore. That I couldn’t be a reason for you to break down anymore. She just looked at me and said you can’t do that because I need you!

More tears…from us both this time. We got up from the table. We hugged. We kissed. We both said that we love the other and that our love will never die. We hugged more.

I joked saying that our love is something no one understands…even us at times. She said we have the best of each other and that we will always have one another.

I agreed with her.

We then get ready for church. I was able to help her straighten her hair and brush it. Brushing her hair has always been a soothing thing for me for some reason. I love it😍

The church she wanted to attend is right down the street. It was a good church. Not overpowering music and not too mellow to make you not want to get up and sing. The pastor preached the Word! And actually hit home with me as he was talking about leaving a legacy.

After the service I just looked at her and said this could be your new starting point. This could be your new church home. I like it here.

We then go out to eat some lunch with a friend of hers and then head over to the benefit event.

It was funny. Once I walk in some of them freaked out. Oh my gosh it’s Stu! And immediately got hugs and handshakes from ole high school friends. I don’t normally attend these sort of things as life has a way of me NOT being able to.

But I just felt I needed to be there. Not only for Angie, for support,  but to show my support and respect to my good friend Randy.

There was good music and good friends.

It’s a blessing when you have friends from your childhood that even 30 years later you want to see and hang out with😊

We were definitely a close knit group of kids who still look forward to seeing each other, which is rare.

I did see a possible big trigger for Angie and warned her once I saw said person. She did very well considering. I am proud of her for the way she handled forgiving said person and then hugging even if it was a distancy type of hug. Progress…

I am back at my house now. And I miss her already. But that’s just the way it has to be til God changes things…if He does.

He may not change things. And we both are ok with that knowing that we will always have the other. Our once in a lifetime love continues. Because it is only once that a love like ours comes around. And we cherish it…together…yet apart!

Have a great week everyone. Prayer’s appreciated for Angie and myself and those I mentioned in my Sad Days post the other day.

Love you all!

12 thoughts on “Stu’s World LXXXIV”

  1. May the Lord bless and keep you and Angie, granting you shalom–whole and complete. The Lord is catching all your tears in a bottle, Stu. “God remembers all your tears and will not forget them or you.” (Psalm 56:8 NLT) The shirt that Angie made for you, looks great.

    By the stripes of Jesus, Randy is healed.

    Unexpected blessings and provision to you! Happy birthday!!! Celebrating your life. \o/

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