Stu’s World LXXX

To be honest not much has happened this week.

Angie has been sick and in bed most of the week. We have talked a couple of nights though.

Work is still recovering from the ice storm. It felt so good to be back at work.

I did manage to borrow a chainsaw from a coworker this week. So the tree limbs that almost hit the house have been cut up and mostly moved to the street for pick up.

Brandon succeeded in moving up in ranks for Taekwondo…

Belt ceremony was yesterday. But I had to work😥

Plans are being made to spend this weekend with Angie😍

Hopefully she is feeling better but if not I will be there to help in any way she needs me to.

This is basically just a quick hello.

I am working on a new page for my blog. It will be strictly for testimonies. So a few of my posts will move to that page once I figure out how to do so. I could just copy the post to said page.

So…I need help with a title for the page. At moment it’s entitled The Power Of Our Testimony. Do you have a better one?

Or better yet…would you like to share your testimony? If so send me an email to

Have a great week everyone. Pray for this nation. It’s jacked up!

8 thoughts on “Stu’s World LXXX”

    1. Thanks for praying for Angie brother! I hate that she is so weak. These new meds for her blood clot is eating her stomach lining and making her liver even worse😭

      I am honored that you like the title for the page. I pray God uses it.

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  1. First that came to mind……Testimonies for the LORD or Testimonies in the LORD. Cause we all walk only by HIS grace. Or Testimonies of Grace! Anyway…..glad you are moving along after that storm. GOD got you through it and I am so thankful for HIS hand upon you Stu! Be well, Brother in Christ!

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