Stu’s World LXXIX

What a boring week this has been…

Angie has been out of it all week, for the most part, with a migraine. I have talked to her like three times😥

Brandon stayed last night. We didn’t do anything. He got here played online with a friend from co-op and talked about their presentations that are due Monday. Then he just passed out.

I knew he would go to bed early he had a very interesting day staying at a friend’s house. He sled while walking and somehow managed to slide not forward but sideways right into the frozen ditch. The ice cut him a little bit nothing bad. Sort of like a cat scratch.

Tomorrow is back to work. Thank God! This trip to Iceland though fun at times…we Louisianians are not used to it. So many elderly died during this snow/ice storm the north sent us. As well as several homeless folk just froze to death…literally.

Tomorrow I get the chainsaw from work at start removing all the fallen tree limbs from the entrance way to the house…

Here is a cool photo of the table outside of Sonic…

It was so beautiful when everything started to melt. It looked like the trees had nothing but crystals on them.

Here’s a pic Brandon took Thursday…

Time to get back to normal.

Y’all have a great week.

Remember to pray for one another this week. Peace✌️

12 thoughts on “Stu’s World LXXIX”

      1. Great! Here in subarctic Alaska it is -21 F and supposed to get down to -30 F tonight. Some go out in short sleeves at these temperatures but I like to stay warm. Staying warm and indoors. Enjoy your warmer weather!

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  1. Aack! Those tree limbs! No damage to the house / roof?
    What’s underneath the ice in the picture Brandon took? Looks like a bunch of grapes?
    Beautiful ice pictures. Even in hard times, God brings beauty and hope.

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    1. No damage that I noticed while inspecting. I’ll know more after cutting them down to sizes that I can lift.

      I thought it was too but it is some plant his grandmother has in her flowerbed.

      I’m glad you liked the pictures.

      That He does.

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