Stu’s World LXXVIII

I miss Angie😥

I knew seeing her would make me miss her more.

We were planning on another weekend together this coming weekend but the weather is going to hinder that.

She had some abdominal issues this week that caused a lot of pain for her. And this coming week she has major Dr. appointments that may have to be rescheduled due to the snow and ice. One of them she has been waiting on for months 😥

It’s ridiculous. We are in Louisiana for crying out loud! It doesn’t get to single digits here🥶🥶

It looks like this whole week will be in the teens to 20’s and then back to single digits this weekend.

I missed work on Saturday due to Brandon’s mom being out of town but chose to come back late Saturday night due to the weather.

Today work called and said stay home.

Here’s why…

So it looks like most of this week of work will be missed and I have half of child support due, lights and the phone bill in two weeks plus the 150 in rent Friday. Something is not getting paid. So I have to opt with the phone bill not getting paid.

That will keep Angie and I from talking as well as Brandon loosing both his iPad and phone till I can pay the bill. Sometime in March.

Last month my electric bill was 220. Now for some of you that is normal but for me…not ever being at home is insane. But that’s what it took to keep this room warm. Yeah, I said room. I basically stay in the bedroom now. The rest of the house is as cold as it is outside. This old house has a lot of leaks and the landlord will do nothing to fix it.

I will be moving later this year after I get a car…somehow. Because I have officially had enough!

I refuse to move without having a car to be able to come see the kids. I know dang well that their mom would not drive them to my place and then come back to get them if I moved.

I started writing a new post the other day on why some justify their sins. I may try to finish that post before the phone gets turned off.

Aside from the negativity in the above part of the post I did thoroughly enjoy having Brandon this weekend. I told him to stay with his mom last night though because of the weather. I just slept in till almost 10 am this morning. Made some coffee after digging out the filter. Yeah, it was frozen to the filter holder😂

Now I’m vegging on the bed, drinking coffee and writing an update real quick for you all. Hopefully I will be talking with Angie soon.

I talked to her before Brandon left last night. And when Chloé, her dog, heard my voice on the phone she barked and ran to the room I stayed in last weekend and then the door looking for me.😥 Such a sweet dog😊

I so wanted to send her a dozen purple roses for Valentine’s Day but I just couldn’t afford them right now. Maybe next year I can hand deliver them to her😍

One can always hope, can’t they?

To be honest hope is about all I have left. It keeps me pressing forward and going through the daily drudge of life. Hoping it will get better and that God will indeed answer my prayers.

I haven’t been down in the dumps but I haven’t been on a high lately either…except while I was with Angie. That was a high for 2 wonderful days for sure!

But anyway, I hope you all stay warm this week. Be blessed!

Please pray for one another. For we never know what another is enduring at this very moment.

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23 thoughts on “Stu’s World LXXVIII”

  1. Oh, Stu…. 😭 So sorry you are going through it! Praying for you and Angie! It’s not suppose to snow in Louisiana! Everyone knows that’s an unwritten rule! It must be cold everywhere like that! We don’t get that kind of weather for weeks at a time here, just every now and then, but this week freezing. No snow though. I hope you and Brandon can build a snowman! Stay warm and keep the hope, peace and joy of Jesus alive in your heart! God is still in control! He’s molding you through it all. 🙏🏼

    1. I know right! And we have had snow twice this year😮

      Thank you for the continued prayers for Angie and me!

      I am staying as warm as possible. But I am lounging around in Pajama bottoms like normal. I’m fully dressed with socks on😮

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      1. 😱 I can’t believe we haven’t gotten any snow here yet! I am bundled to to the hilt here, as well! 🥶 I think it’s a different kind of snow though here. It’s more wet and sloshy than up north. My hubby spent most of his childhood in Ohio. We visited there one time during winter and snow. I could not believe how dry the air was and the snow was dryer (if that makes sense) than here. I have never driven in snow! I can’t imagine! 😱

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        1. I think I can agree that the snow is different here than it is up North. I have driven in snow. It’s fun if you know what you’re doing. Many down here can’t even drive in the rain without sliding everywhere. I guess they haven’t figured out that you don’t slam on your brakes you tap on them.

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          1. 🤣 Now I would be the one sliding around in the snow and doing a 360! 🤣😂 Yep that would be me! 🤦‍♀️ I can manage a little rain. Yes! don’t slam on brakes for sure! 😱 I was with someone one time when someone slammed on brakes in front of us and our car turned completely around! Scared the 👿 out of me! 🤭 at least it happened in town!

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            1. It is scary indeed! My car did that once coming back from Dallas. No rain, no snow just a big gust of wind hit my car, picked us up and spun us around. Luckily the 18 wheeler behind us saw it happen and slowed down and blocked the interstate while I regathered my senses.

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  2. I’m impressed with your use of Roman Numerals. Let’s see, LXXVIII…. is 78??
    So that little dusting of snow means work is called off???? We get that pretty well daily here. Oh, my. Different part of the world, different world views. I’m guessing drivers just can’t handle such stuff, and too many accidents.
    Bundle up, my friend! Wrap yourself in God’s love, and the love He gives you through us, His people.

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  3. Oh Stu! I saw and had heard about the snow! I pray you are staying warm! Life is one struggle after another so some have more than others. I don’t know why, but I do know that GOD loves all HIS children and will provide for you. I pray that GOD answers your heart and we know HE is in all the details yes? Blessings and love to you and Angie from Arizona!

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    1. This is crazy. I am staying warm. I have 3 floor heaters in the bedroom. That is where I spend most of my time anyway. Of course I do have one blowing warm air on the kitchen sink pipes so they don’t freeze.

      It is one struggle after another. And yes some have more than others. I know many who struggle way worse than I.

      I just read where a homeless man in my hometown froze to death behind a business downtown Monday morning. 😭😭

      They went looking for him after he did not show up at the shelter for his morning coffee and breakfast. So so sad!

      I am blessed despite it all and it is something I need to remind myself of more often!

      Thank you for the continued prayer support for Angie and I🤗

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      1. Oh Stu I sure wish I could send you some of our sun……today however it is very windy and brisk! May you be warm…..stay safe though. WE all need you! How often I have had to tell myself that GOD is not always interested in my comfort…….HE wants me to grow in my faith and trust of HIM.

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