Stu’s World LXXVII

It happened y’all!!😍

I spent the weekend with Angie!

I had to wait for my ride to pick me up after work for a while but it was cool.

We went grocery shopping for supper. She makes the best shrimp tacos😊

Sunday’s lunch was Lion’s head meatballs with Bok choy, chinese cabbage, baby corn and bean sprouts over rice noodles…

I had a lot of fun getting my hands all messy making those meatballs…😂

But oh my gosh. It was freaking amazing.

Y’all I still talk about the first meal she ever cooked me. And I believe it will be the same with this one.

Just getting that first hug Friday night before we left to go shopping made me melt and I did not want to let go.

I was worried Chloé would not like me too much but once she heard my voice she was like hey, I know that voice. Then she came to me. Bruiser and Buster, her two Chihuahuas remembered me😊

It was so fun watching Lilla, the ferret, and Chloé “fight” and play. They are like best friends.

Waking up and being able to get a hug from her…awe man…priceless.

Before you get any wild ideas we slept in separate rooms even though it would have been nice to fall asleep with my arms around her and wake up before her to watch her sleep. I’ve always done that😊 We did get our hugs and kisses in.

It just wasn’t enough. Nor was it enough time. 1 1/2 days was too short but what a blessing it was to be able to hold her in my arms again.

We made memories this weekend to add to all the other precious ones we have including doing the dishes together😊

We watched the movie the Honest Thief with Liam Neesom. Good movie. We always watched Jumanji: The Next Chapter which was pretty funny but also had a good deeper meaning… friendship.

Leaving Sunday evening was very hard for me.

And halfway home I remembered I forgot to do something very important while I was there. She has a prayer blanket she received from a friend of ours not too long ago and I was supposed to tie a knot in the blanket and say a prayer. I had the blanket in my hands while she was showing it to me. I should have done it then, but didn’t want her to see me cry while praying for her.

She did see me cry though, but for something totally different. May share that one day just not today.

Then I just forgot as I spending time with her and I feel so bad about it😭 Next time I will do the prayer blanket first and not worry about the tears. Because she knows that I cry every time I pray for her anyway.

Brandon called so many times this weekend…OMG. I think he was trying to make sure we had no time for adult stuff. But I also know he misses me terribly because of him being quarantined.

So when I got back to Rayville he talked his mom into picking me up from the truck stop so I would not have to walk home just so he could see me and give me a hug. When he saw me he jumped out the car and ran to give me that hug 😊

I miss her already and it has only been 24 hours.

Once all the guys at work realized where I had been all weekend the railed me all day. It was sort of funny actually😂

Thank you all for praying for this weekend to come to pass! God answers prayers. I just have to learn to be more patient 🙄

Love you all. Have a great week!

20 thoughts on “Stu’s World LXXVII”

  1. I’m so so happy for you, and rejoicing with you, Stu! 👏🏼 It was worth the wait, no? I think Angie understands with all the excitement going on, why the prayer blanket knot wasn’t done. But you know, every time you pray, you tie a knot for her in spirit. Treasure those precious memories for now, and one day soon, they won’t be just memories but real life!

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    1. Thank you so much Renee! So worth the wait!!! I treasure every moment and I am definitely praying for real life!

      I hope she understands. She hasn’t texted back today or answered my calls today. And I know why so it’s ok. Seeing me was great for her but having me leave hurt and I know that. So she is just adjusting her emotions right now.

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      1. You’re welcome! I believe she does understand and agree that she is just adjusting her emotions. Goodbyes are so hard, even those small ones like the weekend. Like you said, the leaving part hurts.
        Praying for you and the family. 🙏🏼

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    1. Yeah…no pictures. She wouldn’t allow me to take a picture of her wearing her tank top and pajama bottoms or shorts. I am hoping for some together selfies next time for real! I need some pics too😊

      Thank you Kathy. I am definitely dream walking.

      She gave me her mask she always wore. It’s in my pocket and when I miss her I can just put it on and smell her perfume😊 Yeah, I’m weird. But one of my favorite things to do was walk up behind her, put my nose to her neck and just inhale. She just always smelled so good. Plus I would kiss her neck too😍

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  2. So happy for you Stu and for your heart! The meal sounds wonderful and what a great way all around to spend time with Angie!! I like by the way your pic of the script of STU’S WORLD. Actually I thought that was what your post was about that you were changing your heading. Thanks for sharing this joy with us!!

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    1. Thank you Maxine. The meal was wonderful😊 And I loved every moment spent with her! I can’t wait to do it again.

      I’m glad you like the pic for Stu’s World. You know I have thought of changing the name of my blog to that, but it’s not all about me anymore. I still have lots of ideas for folks to ponder over😊

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      1. I don’t think any of the blogs I read are about the individual……everyone I see here so far points it all and gives the credit where credit is due……to our LORD and our Shepherd……..JESUS CHRIST. Bless you and all your writings this year!

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