Act As If Your Bibles Will Be Burned

This could happen folks! Have you memorized enough to have it etched in your heart and mind? I know I haven’t.

By David Ettinger

The Right Attitude
A reader recently wrote this in the comments section of one of my blogs: “Meanwhile, I suggest we start memorizing Scripture like never before. Then, when the Bibles are burned, we will have the Word of God still burning in our hearts.”

I concur! Her statement is based on the assumption that the U.S. is racing so far away from God that our political leaders will eventually enact laws forbidding reading, owning, and purchasing Bibles. If this happens, Bibles would be taken and burned, hence my friend’s counsel.

If believers knew for certain our Bibles were going to be confiscated, we should indeed begin memorizing large chunks of Scripture, and, I would add, reading the Bible in ample portions. This is the right attitude, and my blogger friend nailed it.

But, let me present a counter scenario. What if God spoke to every believer…

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10 thoughts on “Act As If Your Bibles Will Be Burned”

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Stu.
    We have a vibrant Pastor, on fire for God and His Word. He spent some years ministering in India. One time he was to enter a building, but he was not allowed to bring his Bible in. He had to leave it behind. He said, at that time, God specifically told him to mark this in his heart: memorize Scripture because you will have times when you will not be able to have a Bible with you. He did take that to heart, and has memorized large portions. He so loves God’s Word!

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  2. Thanks for sharing David’s post and we should be reading, reading and memorizing even more now than ever before!! Hope all is well……bless you brother in CHRIST. May HIS light……shine upon you and bring you peace!

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