Prayer For Tami

Please take a moment to listen to this beautiful song my friend Michael wrote for his beautiful bride.

Now that you have shed a small tear please join me in praying for both Michael & Tami.

From Michael’s Facebook page:

Could use Prayers again for my wife. She hasn’t been feeling good for a few days with a few symptoms of covid. She was scheduled to get a test on Monday. Shes been sick, and this evening she was so bad I called an ambulance to come get her. As they were on their way she was having convulsions and when they arrived she had a seizure and was unresponsive. I’ve never seen her this way and was scared. Anyways, she’s in the ER. Her Covid test came back negative! Thank God, but they have her on a life support tubing thing down her throat to help her breathe and some type of bleeding hemorage in head. No idea what caused all this. Will know something more later. 🙏

Thanks everyone🙏✝️

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