Sin And How It Can Bury Us

I’m sure most have seen the Disney movie A Bug’s Life by now, especially us parents…..

I was working on a post the other day about sin and the question of if it is worth it (not posted yet by the way) when God put a scene from this movie in my head.

The scene where Hopper is questioning the other grasshoppers about returning to ant island. You know, where Hopper opens the container of grain and pulls one out and throws it at his fellow grasshopper…asking if that hurt.

He of course says no while laughing. So Hopper does it again and again each time increasing the amount thrown until he just opens the container and all the grain pours out on the grasshoppers. That all get buried under the grain…I believe that hurt a little.

The same is true with sin.

You say one lie…it doesn’t hurt…it does hurt you though after you lie to cover the lie and you get buried under it to where you actually believe the lie over the truth. It’s the lies that cover the first lie that hurts…just be honest..tell the truth up front. It might hurt a little but not as bad as a blown character.

One little look at a porn site doesn’t hurt. But you can’t stop there because that sensation you felt draws you back to look again and again and again. The first looks stings your hearts little, the second not so bad, the third doesn’t even phase you and you keep going until you buried (like a person buried neck deep in the sand) wanting help but can’t bare the thought of loved ones knowing. So you say nothing. Yet, it hurts. Confess and repent! Seek guidance and an accountability partner you can TRUST!
I have mine! And yes, there is a way out! Praise God!!

One little sip of alcohol doesn’t hurt. It’s when you drink a 6 pack or more daily that is the problem. Or the I can’t sleep until I’ve had my….
I almost died from alcohol poisoning twice I know, been there, done that, NOT going back.

The thing that gets me the most is the pain all this does to the church. You see, over the last say 20 years this world has been going to hell in a hand basket and it IS our fault.

Here’s why:

1. We have allowed the movie industry to keep pushing the envelope to see how much more filth (language, nudity and sex) they can squeeze in to a 1 1/2 hour long movie. It’s the ole ” Oh, that wasn’t that bad, that’s ok.” No it is not ok! We are called to a higher standard! We should be the ones pushing the envelope back and saying no..we do not approve. (Philippians 4:8)

2. The schools have removed God ever so slowly and we have done nothing. No more prayers in school but yet we don’t want to offend the other religious kids and their parents. Our God IS the only God and we should not deny Him. (Exodus 20:3)

3. The porn industry is rampant and yet we are silent. (Matthew 5:28, which to me would include men)

4. Teachers are teaching our kids things my parents would have said no to, yet we do nothing. Or if we do something we do not push for fear of what other parents think. You know what who cares! What does the Bible say?

5. Divorce is so rampant within the church. Our divorce rate is higher than the worlds per statistics. Now we can divorce for the stupidest reasons or no reason at all. What the freak?
It was not meant to be this way but for the hardening of their hearts did God allow. It wasn’t His plan! His plan is for life! (Mark 10:4-9)

For me the list goes on and on.

The world is hurting and yet….

But we, the church, must make our stand against our enemy and his minions just as the ants did against Hopper and the grasshoppers. Together as one voice it is past time to stand and say enough is enough!

12 thoughts on “Sin And How It Can Bury Us”

    1. Sadly, I do not see that happening. Even IF we were all on the same page somebody would throw a wrench in the system because their feeling got hurt.

      As long as abortion thrives we will never be on the same page as a country.

      As long as Pedophilia is a lifestyle and not a crime we will never be on the same page.

      Sin, no matter how it is labeled, will always cause division.

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      1. So true! I read yesterday that the Cartoon Network is teaching the new gender pronouns on its shows. The song, “Be Careful, Little Eyes” comes to mind. Parents need to be very careful what they allow their children to watch and the games that they allow them to play.

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