Stu’s World LXXII

Stu’s World was rocked last weekend.

Bid D from work called from the hospital. He went willingly after his left side went numb.

But his heart is not doing well. They were planning on doing a bypass but that vein was dead (I didn’t even know a vein could die!!) and it would do no good for his heart to even attempt the surgery.

D and I talked daily. He tried to keep my spirits up as I tried to keep his up. I believe it worked.

They decided to do a stint since most of the other veins are working properly but things have to change in D’s life. They told him that he MUST loose 100 pounds immediately. And for those who have done diets you know that it is not an easy task.

Please pray for D and his wife Kenyatta as they come to terms with all that must be done to ensure D lives a productive and longer life.

Friday comes around and I get a very upsetting message from Cindi, a blogger some of you may remember from a few years back. Cindi has been in a living hell for years now.

It’s a story of God stepping in and then Satan coming in right behind God and destroying everything in his wake. Her losing all hope, God steps in and Satan come back. A vicious cycle to say the least.

Friday’s message was asking for financial help, which I do periodically for her, but this time it came out of total despair. Once again she has been raped and this time they added the humiliation of urinating on her afterwards. NO ONE deserves this…PERIOD!

I am sure thoughts of suicide are with her even as I type this. I’m heartbroken.

She has asked for financial assistance to leave California. If I had the funds I would pay for a one way bus ride to Denver, where her daughter lives. But I can’t 😥

If any of you feel prompted to assist Cindi get out of Cali and into a new life I have included two places where money can be sent to her. One is PayPal and the other is the Cash App


With D not being a work…oh boy. I didn’t want to be the top dog on the yard. I am so physically and mentally tired. Doing double work, training the new guys, stopping my work loads to help them with theirs or fixing the items they pulled wrong and answering everyone questions has simply drained me.

Friday I just told them I’m tired. I can’t afford to take off Saturday but I’m going to have to. I need rest.

So I missed work Saturday but I slept pretty much all day even with Brandon being here. I woke up at 10am and laid back down at 1pm. Brandon woke me up at 5. Supper time😊 Then back to sleep around 10.

I felt so bad sleeping that much but Brandon was understanding and it gave him time to play online with his friends without daddy interrupting game play🤪

Angie and I have barely talked this week at all. With her new job and doing shirts part time she is as drained as I am.

But I have kept her updated with Big D’s status and she is going to help him lose the weight by sharing with him her diet as her whole food lifestyle had to change due to her medical issues as well.

She did manage to go get most of her belongings from Arkansas and is slowly unpacking into her new home😊 I can’t wait to visit😍

Muffin and all her sleeping cuteness😻
My handsome little boy is growing up too fast!!!

Remember to keep each other in prayer as this year comes to hopefully joyfully close!

Love you all!

10 thoughts on “Stu’s World LXXII”

  1. Loving Father, we come to you in the name of Jesus. Thank you for carrying Stu and being his strength. Let more workers get hired at the lumberyard and thank you for sustaining him and providing all his needs.

    You give wisdom to Big D and his wife for a healthy lifestyle and we are grateful. Thank you for saving Big D’s life!

    Thank you for your provision for Cindi ad generous hearts. Heal her soul of all the wounds and thank you for preserving her life.

    We praise you Angie got moved and thank you for supernatural strength as she works.

    We appreciate you for your tender care of Brandon and Stu’s daughter. Father God, you are such a wonderful father, hearing answering and giving all that is needed with overflowing supply. We praise you and rejoice in your answers with angels on assignment! All the glory goes to you, Lord! Hallelujah! Amen

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  2. Oh Stu! So sorry to hear about both of your friends…….and about you too. Please take care of yourself. GOD is working all around us and we truly are in a war right now. Remember it is for our very souls! Our pastor just preached how we need to continue to remind one another of all of GOD’S promises to us. To remember them and to cling to them! So here is one for you…….PSALM 109: 21 “But YOU O Sovereign LORD, deal well with me for YOUR name’s sake. Out of the goodness of YOUR love, deliver me. For I am poor and needy and my heart is wounded within me.” GOD is Sovereign…….remember that. HE hasn’t left no matter how dark the dark gets……HIS light will shine even more brilliantly! Praying for your friends Stu here in AZ!!!!! But praying for YOU as well dear brother in CHRIST!

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