I Cried Today

Oh my gosh! I am overwhelmed! I’m crying and smiling at the same time.

What a true blessing this is!!

All The Shoes I Wear

I cried today….My daughter Krista and our grandbabies, Adalie and Ezra have been here for Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping. This morning at breakfast, having seen wrapped gifts appear under the tree, the kids began talking about Christmas. I told them that I was excited too to celebrate Christmas because it’s Jesus’ birthday. They wanted to hear more. I was trying to explain it in a way that little ears could understand and remembered that I have the gospel of Luke on my Netflix list so to give them a visual reference, decided to put it on though I thought it was too adult to hold their attention for long.

Adalie climbed up on the seat nearest to the TV. To my amazement, she was rapt, watching intently without a word and never once looking away! This was a miracle happening right before my eye’s as we can’t get through a…

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