Stu’s World LXXI

Oh my freaking word. The past two weeks have been insane😮

Angie and her sons have moved into their own home. Thank God! No more being used by others. Now she can concentrate on her own health issues without being on call 24/7 with basically no rest.

Now hopefully I can go visit soon😊 I so need an Angie hug😍

Work is where it has been nuts. Not only did I almost knock a building down the other day but D knocked over a bundle of lumber onto one of the new guys😮

You should have seen how fast D and I moved to get everything off of him before his leg broke or worse.

We had one get fired for his lack of duties. His drinking finally caught up with him😥 A no show for weeks due to blacking out for days on end. So sad.

But they finally hired two new employees. I’m training one and D is training the other one. It has severally slowed us down. But in the long run it will so much easier…if they stay.

This type of work is not cut out for everyone. Heck I almost called it quits just last week.

But, I had a customer come up to me Friday that made my week. He introduced himself because he recognized me. His name is Ben. He came to our Celebrate Recovery a few years back. He said Stu you personally sought me out after the service and talked to me for a while. I’ll never forget that. Thank you!

Have to admit I almost got teary eyed there for a minute.

Y’all he is still sober and doing awesome! 👊😊

Muffin fell asleep while I was rubbing her belly😊
Friday also marked my 8 year anniversary as a blogger😮

This is a post forthcoming in reference to the 8 years of blogging.

For those who have not heard, Viv’s (God’s Whispers Of Truth) husband has been offered a full-time job where he has been temping at😊 And praise God for a free wheelchair for her!!!

Renee, thank you so much for sending me that song and also for sharing my post If You Have Not Cried..

Despite the craziness of this world the Lord is still in the business of answering prayers!!

So with that said please choose a blogger and pray for them in the following week.

Y’all have a great week.

12 thoughts on “Stu’s World LXXI”

  1. It has been a week! 😓
    You are so welcome! Hope you get to see Angie soon and things get better at work. Love the🐱! Cute! Looks spoiled already!
    Happy 8 year anniversary blogging!!! 🥳🍰🎈📚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah it was!

      Thank you. What a ride it has been.

      I am too. They so needed to get out of that toxic house😥

      He said he was fine but we’ll see how he walks today. I’ll update everyone on him. Have a great week!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Kathy. It has been crazy and yet fulfilling at the same time.

      Today Angie called me to let me know she got hired today…Yoo-hoo!!!!!! I am so excited for her. It is right up her alley. A Coffee House just like she loves😊

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