Suffer Not The Little Children!

I have had this post on my heart for a while now! And even more so since all these children are being rescued from sex traffickers!!

Let’s see what God says about causing little ones harm or to sin…

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.
Matthew 18:6 KJV

This post could get bloody. This is something I am passionate about. I will try to control myself when describing certain things, lifestyles and my opinions on such…but I can’t promise to be 100% in line with how most feel a Christian should talk. And yet this is a subject matter that most run from or pretend it doesn’t happen.

God sees sin as sin. Anything that displeases Him is sin. There is no other way to say that!

But, we humans have a tendency to see this big totem pole that reaches to the sky for certain transgressions.

With lying or using foul language at the bottom and murder at the top it is easy for us to categorize them. We shouldn’t…but we do.

For Stuart, the “top” deadly sin is abusing children in any shape, form or fashion. And that includes verbal abuse, physical abuse and sexual abuse.

But for this post I will concentrate on the latter two out of the three deadly!

But I will add that ole saying of sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me…is a bald faced lie from the pits of hell itself!

Words can kill!

Do you know that there are children IN your neighborhood that are being physically and sexually abused?

Can you believe that when you were a child some of your friends were being done wrong both physically and sexually?

If you don’t believe the second question is true then you will not believe the first is true either!

But BOTH are accurate!!!😥😠

Every 10 seconds there is a case of child abuse being reported. 6 children every minute. 60 children every hour. 1,440 children every day. 525,600 children a year. And it’s not accurate in the least!! More than half are not reported I’m sure due to fear of more abuse.

What ticks me off the most is that most cases are of children under the age of 5😠

I can understand getting mad at a child. Heck I was so mad at Erin one day for not getting in her car seat I just slammed the door and kicked my car all the whole cursing like a sailor. And that was not too long after rededicating my life to the Lord.

But I would NEVER hit one of my children. Now I did spank them when they were younger. And for all you non-spanking parents…yes, I did and no you can not change my mind about spanking a child that misbehaves.

My personal opinion is that y’all are the reason most of these teens are acting like they are now…just saying.

But anyway…how can a parent or guardian lose their temper and self control so much that they literally beat the hell out of their child? It blows my mind. Some beat them so badly that the child will die. To me, it’s people like that that shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

That abuse, even after the child has grown up, stays with them mentally.

I remember being at Angie’s one night and her dad got ticked off at her and starting yelling. She immediately flinched. I knew she was expecting a fist. Now this happened just 4 years ago. She’s only two years younger than me so see it stays.

And because of how she flinched I didn’t jump in like I wanted to because I felt that after I left things would get ugly. Y’all, I was bailing like a baby when I finally shared that with Angie. I wasn’t scared of her dad. As mad as I was I would have hurt him. I was scared for her. And I’m sure it made me look weak. But when I explained why later on she understood completely and forgave me.

And for some there are physical scars that will always be a reminder of past abuse.

Over 67% of all sexual assaults that are reported are from children…meaning under the age of 18.

Half of that 67% are under the age of twelve. That means almost one out of every three reported cases!

What is even worse is that 14% of all sexual assault cases reportes are children under the age of 6! What the hell😠

84% of 1000 cases are “simply” forcible sexual fondling of their genitals for 10 to 15 year olds.

79% of 1000 cases are a result of forcible sodomy for ages 1 to 5

And it’s about the same for sexual assault with an object of some sort. I heard of some sick cases where rake handles were used or worse.

There is a term used by pedophiles for sodomy and it is “Panda Eyes”. And there is a reason for it.

With enough force and trauma a child’s eyes can welt with black circles to give the appearance of panda eyes or what most people would call a black eye.

WARNING!!!! Graphic photo please skip if you are as sensitive as I am. But it must be shown…

Sickening to say the least.

What makes a lot of this worse is that it is filmed at times and put on the dark web where they can make thousands off the video😠

Not just this act mind you but all of them can be filmed including rape by multiple people and put on the web.

And they say porn does not fuel sex trafficking. Lying jackasses!

Either that or they are just so misinformed…or don’t care😥

Forcible rape is at 70% out of 1000 cases for children the age of 15.

It’s not just girls being sexually assaulted! It is boys too!! And the stats are close.


1 to 5 by a family member 51%

6 to 11  43%

12 to 17  24 %


1 to 5 by a family member 42%

6 to 11 37%

12 to 17 23%

The percentage of them being assaulted by a stranger is…


1 to 5 3%

6 to 11 5%

12 to 17 10%


1 to 5 5%

6 to 11 4%

12 to 17 5%

But as with physical abuse not all cases are being reported out of fear.

Hell, I blocked mine out for 30 years. I wonder how many others have done the same😥

Once when I was child…my mom shared with me what happened at the local McDonald’s. A young boy was sexually assaulted in the men’s room and his penis was cut off😮 That changed me so much. I slept with my hand down there for years. And will wake up some days still like that…protecting myself.

What the hell is wrong with people!?!?!

Fathers, mothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins forcing themselves on the children in their family😮

Fathers and mothers selling their kids and letting these men have their way with their babies IN the parents home…

The world is a very dark dark sadistic place and gets ignored for the most part.

This should not be so!

A person should be able to choose whether to give their bodies to someone or not! Yeah, I know sex outside of marriage is wrong but still to have it taken is f’ing wrong!!!

And now this crazy jacked up world is trying to make Pedophilia a sexual orientation like being gay or lesbian instead of a crime. What the…!!!!??????

Now this could mean that all these child molesters get no punishment for those crime (Yes, I said crime) because said pedophile associates him/herself as a 7 year old and therefore sees nothing wrong with their actions.

Bullcrap! They know what they are doing is wrong and just want to find a way to justify their behavior!

If you, as an young adult or old adult, are sexually attracted to children you are a sick twisted sack of crap that should be have your genitals removed.

And if someone rapes a child that person should be put six feet under.

The song Will You by P.O.D comes to mind a little as I write this. In the video there is a girl….we’ll watch the video…

Sad, when one thinks about. But boys will be boys right?? NOT!!!

Dad’s you had better raise your son/sons to have respect for woman…PERIOD. AND NO MEANS NO! No exceptions! Nadda!!!

Let’s talk about sexual abuse for real though…

A LOT of people that have been sexually abused/assaulted have issues with sex for the rest of their lives.

Women who were forced to give oral sex will not have oral sex with their husband…for the most part.

Sometimes a certain position will cause flashbacks and there goes whatever pleasure either of them were feeling at that moment.

Some see their bodies just as something that is used and discarded…with no love at all. And that goes for both genders!

After being sexually assaulted some may see sex as the only way to get attention from the opposite sex and then are giving themselves away sexually for the wrong reasons.

Some boys turn gay after being sexually fondled, molested or assaulted because their bodies reacted to the stimuli and no one ever explained things to them properly. It is normal to get an erection when the penis is touched no matter if it is in a loving manner or an abusive one.

That was me for decades until I learned the truth!

Some women and men, I guess, may never want to have sex again because they see it as an abusive, hard and demeaning act even after getting married.

Then the husband gets pissed because his wife will not have sex with him because she never told him why.

Sex may not be pleasurable because the husband is not patient and caring after being told of last abuse. In his mind he’s probably thinking well that was decades ago everything should be fine…when in fact it’s a long way from being fine.

Ladies, please, for the love of all that is holy speak up! Tell your lover or husband what has taken place in the past. Tell him why you do not like that position or being naked period.

Allow him time to process and come to grips with it all. Then work on y’all’s sex life together!! Lovingly, gently, tenderly as all sex should be. Sex should only be rough when you want it that way.

Men, if you lover or wife confesses to past sexual abuse you had better be kind, loving, gentle, understanding and freaking patient!!

Lastly, but in all actuality it should have been first, I want to give praise and glory to God that so many children have been pulled out of sex trafficking here of late.

My prayer is that they reach out to God and allow Him to start the healing process. May His love wash over them completely and reveal to them their worth.

Now may we pray to find a way to stop sexual and physical abuse at home!!!

This post is a lot different than I had originally planned when I started writing. I really was going to delve into the actual acts of violence but I believe that this will suffice and shed some light into a very dark area of sexual sin.

What do y’all think? Should I go deeper or just let it be?

8 thoughts on “Suffer Not The Little Children!”

  1. Oh, Stu, I could only skim over much of what you wrote, but I’m still crying. I can hardly write this for tears.
    Thank you for putting it out there, for saying what I cannot.
    God, have mercy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sorry to make you all cry. This was hard for me to write even though it really is not as detailed as originally planned.

      I was going to include a few other things but just couldn’t as I started crying I had to stop writing.

      I am glad I shared what I did. Prayerfully it will open people’s eyes to the truth that it is in fact everywhere and not an…oh that type of stuff doesn’t happen where I live…

      Liked by 1 person

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