Stu’s World LXX

I so want to let the bad Stu out of his cage right now. This world has gone bonkers over this election.

People are losing friends over a candidate?!?! Really? I think people need to buy themselves a bigger pacifier!

Christians staying to others that you can’t be Christian and vote for Biden.

My relationship with God is a personal relationship, yet I share it with others.

My political views are my personal political views and I share them with others. But I will NOT stoop to belittling someone who disagrees with me. That’s stupid and unChristlike.

If you support Trump…great. Do not belittle someone who supports Biden.

If you support Biden…great. Do not belittle someone who supports Trump.

It’s that simple!

I don’t care if you disagree with the ideals of a candidate. Your integrity is what matters.

I don’t like Biden. Never have.

I supported Trump in 2015. I support him now even more so.

If you are mad at or calling Trump a whining baby for wanting to verify ballots. Get over yourself. You are not running for office. He has ever right to ensure the legality of the voting process…that mind you has been jacked the freak up for decades.

I will say this as nicely as possible…

No news media decides the outcome of the election. And if you believe that Biden is the newest president based on the news media…well you’re a moron.

I think the world would be a better place without the media. It’s been playing its own agenda for what seems like a century and is totally biased. Now granted there are some new ones coming up that as of right now are unbiased and not favoring one side or the other.

But anyway that’s my thought. I’m done talking on the subject.

I was so hoping to share pictures with you all of Angie and I today but our plans for this weekend come to an abrupt halt.

Saturday Angie was supposed to move all her belongings out of her parents house and I was going to go help. It was the first Saturday we have had off in a while, so I told her that Big D and I would come and help.

We were both looking forward to it. We had a friend from work that was going to drive us there, go to the boats and then come pick us up later that evening. But at the last minute Angie texted and said this is not the best weekend to come. I understood why.

So I texted D and told him not to worry about coming to get me. He immediately calls to make sure things are ok. All I said was her parents. He understood.

I understood why she cancelled but I was so disappointed and hurt that I just took off my clothes and got in bed. That’s my coping mechanism for sadness. I sleep it off.

It will be next year before I get another Saturday off probably😭😭

And when you haven’t seen someone in over a year, thanks to this covid malarkey, 3 or 6 more months is an eternity!!!

This week at work has been a monstrosity. We are still down 3 employees and the orders are not slowing down like they did last winter.

We had one employee missing in action all week. He called in saying he couldn’t breathe…not having a hard time breathing mind you…but couldn’t breathe. I’m not buying it. I know his story and he done this all year long. Missing a week of work here and there because he drinks so much he passing out for 3 days. Maybe I’m being a little judgmental 🤔

I have a new nickname at work now by one of the bosses. I’m no longer stubaby but Stu Daddy 😂😂 I have no idea were that came from.

One day it was just me and D working and that about killed us.

All this stress of no car, unable to see Angie, work and other things is simply wearing me down. I’m just tired. You ever get so tired that you can’t sleep. Yeah, that was me a few nights this week. Which made work even worse and I was so easily frustrated.

And at the rate I’m going I may never have a car. The newly raised child support has taken what funds that were available out of my check for saving up. Life sucks at times. Just being real!

I do want to thank everyone for all your prayers for Angie and I. It is greatly appreciated. One day we will be together again. Please continue to lift her up as life has thrown her a new curve ball. But God has shown Himself in doing so yet again…or should I say as always 😊


12 thoughts on “Stu’s World LXX”

  1. I agree with everything you’ve said. I also have peace with the sovereignty of God and that he will allow the outcome for his purposes. He is not shocked at the results.
    As for the election, I was also under the impression that the media could not call it. But since I am Canadian I had no clue what the legalities are with the US election… our voting system looks very different and has very little margin for the delay you experienced or error. I guess what shocked me the most is that when I went to bed, Trump looked like he was winning, but when I woke up Biden was far ahead and Trump had gotten literally no more seats! How is that even possible? I don’t know who I would’ve voted for, but America definitely needs a fair election and the media obviously was rooting for Biden, which already creates a disadvantage!

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    1. Trump won based on legal votes. But some states in question are allowing even dead people to vote. It’s insane. The left wants Trump out. It’s that simple and they will do just about anything…including trying to impeach him…twice. What we really need is some of these Senators & Representatives to retire. No one should be allowed to hold office as long as some of them have.

      Yes, we definitely need a fair election. This one isn’t by any stretch of the imagination.

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  2. Poor Stu! 🙏💗😟😵
    Thanks for posting everything you posted. I pray you feel the comfort we are all praying for you (and Angie). You are blessed with your great hope and faith in our Heavenly Father.

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    1. Thank you Kathy! Instead of throwing myself a pity party I slept. A lot safer that way😊

      Your welcome for my sharing. I just had to get that out or I would explode. I really don’t like politics and how everyone acts in regards to it.

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