Stu’s World LXIX

Hey everyone!

This week has been…well…weird.

First off let me ask that you all pray for me and my fellow co-workers. The Lord called one of us home Friday. Freddie was one of our truck drivers. A sweet man who passed away due to cancer.

One of the salesmen came and told me right after he got the news. And I immediately knew I had to be the one to tell Big D. He doesn’t like others to see him cry and I knew he would. D knew Freddie a lot longer than I of course.

I found him and said I have bad news. Bad news that you are not ready for. The look y’all on his face hurt me so bad…

I immediately told him that Freddie would not you upset but he would rather you celebrate the fact that he is now healed. D, he has no more pain. But he just looked at me and said I’m crying because I’m mad at myself Stu.

I didn’t get to say bye. I didn’t get to make sure his heart was right with the Lord Stu!

All this coming from a man who, less than a year ago, really didn’t care about anyone. What a difference the Lord makes in a person’s life. From a heart of stone and uncaring to one of love.

I had plans to go see Angie this weekend as it was her birthday Saturday…but as with anything I try to plan it fell through. The car I was going to use became unavailable at the last minute😥

Brandon stayed all weekend with me though❤️

Brandon the T-rex

It was so funny watching him try to run in that thing. Everytime he started to run I swear he was going to fall over because the head kept bobbling😂

I did manage to talk with Angie on her birthday. I had sent her a voice message via text when I got to work…

She always stays up til midnight the day before and calls or texts so she is the first to wish me a happy birthday. I tried but just couldn’t stay awake.

But I told her that I loved her and said happy birthday. When she called me Saturday night we swapped photos of the kids in costumes and she told me that her dad had said he was sorry that she had to spend her birthday caring for him. She told him that she would much rather be spending her birthday caring for him than not having him around😥 He then said if I am here next year we will throw a party you will never forget..

Oh how this man has changed over the past year.

But anyway….I miss her so much y’all. Just one hug please Lord and soon!!!

Brandon wanted Sonic for lunch. So I get dressed and make to the end of the driveway and her comes Muffin 😮

So I grab her, take her back inside and tell Brandon to hold her. Back outside I go. I make to the apartments next door…here comes Muffin again.

She has apparently found a way out. I guess I need to find a leash and take her for walks since she’s going to follow me when I go outside from now on😂

I have been in sort of a funk all week…well a lot longer than that. I just can’t seem to get out of it for some reason. I’ve been reading my Bible, praying and talking with friends but it just won’t leave me. And it’s driving me nuts.

Some of it I know is the no car thing. We’ll probably a lot of it. The sad thing is you can’t do crap without a car. I think..maybe…I’ve just given up on it. Everytime time I have enough money saved up something happens and that money has to somewhere else or an account gets hacked.

It’s not like days gone by where one could hitchhike somewhere and then back again. We’ll you could. You just may not make it to your destination. It’s just safe out there anymore.

But I won’t dwell on that here. I do it enough in my daily life as it is.

Let’s just call it a week shall we. Let’s welcome in November with a new hope for things to come😊

5 thoughts on “Stu’s World LXIX”

    1. We have hugged before Kathy. We are two emotional guys. I’ll be off working on an order, listening to music and start crying. He’ll see me and give me a hug and vice versa. Then we will talk about it what brought on the tears. It’s really cool honestly.

      But Friday with everyone around yeah they were silent hugs going to my brother.

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